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This not my ROM. All credit goes to bittrix for all of his hard work.

BitTrix gingerbread beta 06

beta 06

  • update to gingerbread 2.3.2 - Compiled from AOSP, CyanogenMod, other online sources and I wrote/tweaked/swore a bit too. Coding with gingerbread is like playing a nasty game of whack-a-mole.
  • now compiling with updated toolchain optimized for tegra / cortex-A9 processors
  • includes Clemsyn's kernel (Pershoot's works too)
  • includes gapps and working 3D maps
  • removed most of the overt CyanogenMod graphics and branding to avoid confusion with their official builds
  • reverted memory naming: internal storage is emmc, removable sd-card is sdcard. Sorry for the flip but this is the future for tablets. Apps should be reading the mount points properly regardless of the device type or naming scheme.
  • USB connection (via UMS) mounts to /sdcard and no longer makes the fs unstable (I hope). If you don't have a removable SD card then ADB still mounts to internal storage.
  • bunch of behind-the-scenes code and framework optimizations for stability, smoothness. Still not as fast as froyo but waaaay better than beta05. YMMV.

Special thanks to the real devs and gurus: clemsyn, gojimi, pershoot, rothnic, roebeet

This will probably be near the end of my involvement with the 2.3 codebase. Tablets like this really need the architectural changes in honeycomb (3.X+) especially real SMP. Also when looking for performance tweaks I keep running face-first into the fact that the PROPRIETARY nvidia drivers {spit on the floor} make their own superchip look like a Z80 on a hot day (yes, it's a Zilog reference. yes, I'm old). Also... There's only one of me.


  • save the to your internal memory
  • .use CM .8 and install the zip
  • when the install finishes, stay in CM... wipe data/factory reset, clear cache, clear dalvik, stay in CM...
  • install the zip again. Failure to do this means wifi won't work unless you flash a standalone Clemsyn or Pershoot gingerbread kernel.
  • reboot


  • First boot may ask what startup to proceed with - either will do - i pick "startup wizard" (it doesn't run the wizard, but you have to pick one...)
  • The system will feel a bit slow the first time as the system is busy parsing/precompiling the java files. Things get much faster as you use it.
  • Google app framework is installed. Your best install for the individual apps is to load them yourself from the market. The first-time app picker is hit/miss.
  • Market won't show installed apps until you buy one.
  • Camera is borked for now.

This should be considered as an experimental build, with all the usual disclaimers about turning your tablet to slag, crossing the streams, starting a game of global thermonuclear war, etc. It's not an official CM release. Editing the source and messing with the module packaging feels like I just leaned a bit too far down the rabbit hole. Please be patient with me, I have a day job.


  • 19Jan initial release - Compilation from 19Jan CM7 git]
  • 21Jan beta02 - new merges, updated kernel, fixed: USB, Angry Birds
  • 22Jan beta03 - newest CM7 base plus first source edits! framework text now displays "tablet" instead of "phone" in spots, fixed camera orientation. Set screen dpi to 120 (match actual panel) from 160.
  • 23Jan beta04 - x-y screen metrics and scaling. Some text should appear visibly sharper now if rendered correctly. Removed cell & phone system files. Internal memory is now /sdcard, removable memory is now /sdext.
  • PC should now see both internal partitions over USB cable. pull-down menu (drag down the top statusbar) has soft buttons to toggle wifi, bluetooth, location, and sound (CM7 feature).
  • 24Jan beta05 - fixed mount points, changed framebuffer timing to 70Hz, no more cell signal indicator, UI fixes, added "never" screen timeout option, enabled dock settings (can't test, I don't have one, YMMV)
  • 18-Feb beta06 - update to 2.3.2.

without further ado...

link to beta 06.43f: http://www.mediafire...kcw19h91tw21wfk


Updated kernel: Clemsyn now supports gingerbread with his kernel builds. Support for most TLA and FLA is included. In the event of issues you can just reflash the bittrix beta. They're at

Updated kernel: Pershoot is cooking up some amazing kernel goodness - I think I saw eye of newt and a stick of dynamite in one of the .conf files ;D his thread is at - he provides the extra functionality modules as separate files, so the more adventurous among you can roll-your-own (so to speak).
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