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LATEST MD5 798cf4f34426743b703cf1f701f606e4

For issues PLEASE report HERE to get fixed

For the list of commits and changes look HERE

  • Flemmard and DiamondBack for sizing this whole rom !!!!
  • TrevE, Damageless, Ziggy471 and all the other devs that were a part of this
  • football for all the official RUU Leaks
  • Added BusyBox v1.18.4 with color output disabled
  • Added green overflow scroll (Thanks Robocik)
  • Raised available MMS size Limit to 5mb (Default is still 2mb)
  • Added Synergy Updater app, allowing in rom updates (Addons and Themes)
  • Added DSP Manager
  • Rosie settings with right button remap (Thanks MYN)
  • New bootscreen (Thanks wrmxtemp)
  • Added Screen Scaling and systl.conf tweaks (Thanks Ziggy471)
  • Build Prop tweaks for faster screen transitions and call connect (Thanks CapyChimp)
  • Framework and Rosie transition times sped up (Thanks Calk and Aamikam for the Logic)
  • Added Dancing droid to incoming call screen (Thanks SEO)
  • Added Sense 3.0 Lockscreen from HTC kingdom build
  • Fixed Nonshowing icons in lockscreen (Thanks SNQ)
  • Added 3.0 threaded text messaging (Thanks SEO)
  • Added 3.0 Weather (Thanks SEO and Damo)
  • Added HTC hub
  • Added mod that propertly displays 3G/1X status in titlebar
  • Fixed FC in weather (Thanks Virus)
  • Fixed FC in weather Widget when clicking (Thanks Virus)
  • Fixed auto brightness issue with new kernel from official ota gingerbread Kernel (Thanks Sprint)
  • Added Transparent like rosie just like in the kingdom rom (Thanks Virus and Snq)
  • Moved some data/app to system app to take more advantage of our system
  • Better looking icons on lockscreen (Thanks Snq)
  • Sprint/Verizon Mobile Wifi Hotspot unlocked so it is now free
    (Thanks Leoisright)
  • Added Sense 3.0 MMS
  • Added HTC Mirror App support
  • Added Sense 3.0 USB Menu
  • Decreased Wifi Access point scans to save more battery
  • Added Wireless N support to Kernel
  • Added Sense 3.0 Task Manager
  • Added Sense 3.0 Polaris Office
  • Customized Sense homescreen layout
  • Added HTC Hub support (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • Fixed Rosie/Sense randomly restarting
  • Fixed force close when using effects in HTC Album. (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • Optimized Apks (Huge thanks to aamikam)
  • Updated supersonic build properties from official supersonic OTA build.prop
  • Added H264 native support
  • Fixed issue where Android Market wasn't showing all apps/games
  • Added Synergy bootanimation (Thanks to the King of bootanimations.. Wrx4memp)
  • Updated HTC_IME.apk with non arrows version
  • Updated Flash Player to
  • Fixed Rosie to now have Kingdom transparent launcher while landscape and sped it up (0 level compression)
  • Reverted to previous revision of MMS
  • Reverted to previous revision of Mail which fixed Mail FC using POP3
  • Increased GPS Lock Performance (Thanks Ziggy471)
  • Added Resized Weather.apk (Thanks Unity Team)
  • Added Resized Browser.apk (Thanks Unity Team)
  • Added Resized Calculator.apk and widget (Thanks Unity Team)
  • Fixed Rosie Crashing and raised its priority (Thanks TrevE)
  • Fixed Roam settings in options (Thanks Virus)
  • Updated and themed latest Launcher PRO
  • Removed Sense and will now be installed automatically in 7/5/2011 Nightly so stay tuned
  • Added Rmk's user app scripts the rom will now auto install your apks when you flash just make a folder on your sd named SynergyROM and put a folder in there named app.user and all the apks you want the rom to install upon flash just drag in there and it will install ten at a time everytime you reboot
    (Team effort on that thanks ziggy, TrevE and Virus)
  • New Kernel/network/sqlite3 tweaks (Thanks TrevE)
  • Added Black themed Swype
  • Updated to WiFi Tether 3.1-b1 and change apk to packagename (Thanks TrevE)
  • Edited Renice scripts, firstboot, kernel tweak (Thanks TrevE)
  • Perflock is now disabled !!! (Thanks TrevE)
  • Rom is now themed blue!!
  • Added Quick settings to the pull down bar (Thanks Ziggy471
  • Added in Mybackup ROOT guys this app rocks for doing backups if you get the full v
  • Added Maxthon browser they are making us a exclusive version right mehowww

Developer Support Thread: Synergy-Kingdom Support Thread

The Hand That Smites
652 Posts
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Team Synergy

= Modules and services =

Details on how to use custom modules and services

= CIFS =
This module lets you access windows networking shares or linux samba on your phone.

First you need to setup a share. In windows right click on a folder you want your phone to see and go to properties. Click on the Sharing tab and go to Advanced Sharing. In the share name it something without spaces for ease of use. Now click on permissions. Add the user "Everyone" and give it the permissions you want your phone to have (read/write/full control).

Now that your share is setup, go to start -> run -> cmd. type in


and note your active connections IP address. Now go to start -> run and type in \\IPADDRESS, if your machines IP was you would type in


you should see your share you just created show up. Try to open it up and make sure you can see the contents of the folder you shared without error.

now on your phone, connect to wifi, go to adb shell and run the following command, replacing // with the IP and sharname you saw above,

mkdir /sdcard/smb/

busybox mount -t cifs -o guest,uid=1000,gid=1015,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=07 75,iocharset=utf8,nodfs // /sdcard/smb/

if you get an error you must mount with a username and password

busybox mount -t cifs -o user=username,password=whatver,uid=1000,gid=1015,f ile_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775,iocharset=utf8,nodfs // /sdcard/smb/

now you can use a filebrowser and navigate to /sdcard/smb and you will see your windows network files.

If you want to make this setting permanent, edit /system/etc/fstab and put in

// /sdcard/smb cifs guest,uid=1000,gid=1015,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=07 75,iocharset=utf8,nodfs 0 0

now you can run mount -a from any terminal and it will mount your samba share.

Tested playing a 350mb divx file over an adhoc wifi network using rockplayer and all worked fairly well

= openvpn =

OpenVPN will let you connect to your home network over 3G. This can be used to access your CIFS shares when you are off of your home network wifi.

After you have [ openvpn] server setup (i tested with [ pfsense] + openvpn export package) dump you ovpn and key files on /sdcard/openvpn/

start openvpn settings app on phone, select your ovpn file and connect. Now you should be able to hit your CIFS shares you created above

= dropbear =

dropbear is a SSH server. This gives you all the benefits of adb shell over wifi or 3g. you also get fun stuff like tab completions, color, and other linux funness.

in dc.conf make sure the following is set to 1:
setprop dc.service.dropbear.enabled 1;

remount your system part rw

adb shell remount

adb shell into your phone and set a STRONG root password

adb shell passwd

reboot your phone. Now open up a SSH client such as [ putty]. connect to your phones ip address which can be obtained by running

adb shell ifconfig

login as root with the password you just set. enjoy full bash with autocomplete, nano, vim, etc


now that you have dropbear, lets get access to our SSH everywhere without remembering your phones IP address. is much nicer (should work providing your not behind a restricted NAT, i tested over 3g fine)

1) go to [] and register for a dynamic hostname.

2) edit /system/etc/inadyn.conf your file should look like this, replacing exmamples out. update period is in MS

--username SynergExampleUser --password SynergExamplePass --alias --background --update_period 6000

3) now edit /system/etc/dc.conf, change
setprop dc.service.inadyn.enabled 0; to setprop dc.service.inadyn.enabled 1;

4) reboot and enjoy your dynamic ip. you can now SSH into your dyndns name from anywhere (make sure you set a strong password n00bs)


Team synergy wrote a custom lostphone script and will be expanding on it to do different things. for now it just grabs the last weather sync city/state/zip. more will come soon

just ssh into your dynamic hostname and run


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