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RKAndroidDM Restore Option to Fix Firmware Flashes

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I don't know why some didn't try this before, If you had problems flashing, you can restore your bad firmware flash if your device is still detecting using RKAndroidDM. Instructions here: download any stock ROM, and hit the restore function. It should pull the information from your Backup partition back into your System. The stock recover script is:
write_image [URL=BACKUP:system]BACKUP:system[/URL] [URL=SYSTEM:format]SYSTEM:format[/URL] [URL=DATA:format]DATA:format[/URL] CACHE:
I don't think this restores anything other than the system partition, but it's worth a try.
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Hopefully this works so we can all be much more adventurous with trying new firmwares!
lol I've been flashing firmwares a lot already. As long as you don't touch bootloader it's hard to brick.
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