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Reset device WM8505 (M003)

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Hi there,I've bought an M003 WM8505 ipad(?) device in Beijing where I was pretty happy with it, but ... by mistake .... I :mad::mad:have reset the device, which has delete Google accounts, system and application data and settings, downloading applications (stupid stupid stupid, I know). Now I just see, when I restarted the device: No recent applications. In other words: I can do nothing with this device. Can anybody please, pretty please(!) tell me how to restore or how to install software, so I can use this easy device to go on Internet etc. Thank you very much!:)Simon.
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Don't know how you reseted your device, but you cna try to flash one of the custom roms this site here has. It's pretty easy, look around
Thank you very much for your reply. I have reseted my device by : restore to factory settings and clear all information, by press Menu - settings - SD cards and equipment storage - restore factory settings.Is it possible to get it working again? Grtz. Simon
On a PC d/l the Firmware located here. the m003 Remove the SD card from the M003Extract the script folder and contents and copy it to your SD card. replace it in the M003 and turn it on.It will reboot and update the M003 and give you the current apps. When it asked you the remove the SD card do so. Delete the Script folder and you can replace it.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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