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Hi guys.

Im not a dev and im not a Android/Linux pro but i can understand about some little things like recovery, roms and others.

So, i tryed to search a lot in the internet for a CWM flashable and i cant find anything, except the TempestU39GT from lambstone.

Here, i have my U39GT-W with the 1.01 stock rom. I have an actual-state backup of my device with the CWM. I can reset factory the device and make a clean-backup with CWM to upload to your guys, if it interest.

And i believe that a CWM recovery is a helpful way to your guys to mod the rom.

And i want to know if your guys can do the same: make a CWM recovery of the current custom and stock roms available for the Cube U39GT/U39GT-W.

(sorry for my bad english, im from Brazil hehe)
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