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Reputation System

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I would just like to take a bit of time to explain the reputation system that I have put in place. Now many forums actually disable this feature because people abuse it and -Rep people for silly and immature reasons. But I believe that we actually have a respectable community of reasonable human beings here, which is why I have chosen to keep it.The idea is that it would be nice to distinguish the members of the forum who put a lot of effort into putting out firmware updates, ROM development and tearing their devices apart etc. If a member does something which you think is worthy of recommendation, then +Rep them by clicking the [+Rep] button under their profile picture on the left-hand side of the post. It doesn't cost you anything and helps command some respect and recognition towards our treasured members. If there are any -Reps then thou shalt be branded and given a caution (abuse of the system will result in a ban). - But we don't expect anything like that from our members so I don't really have to go into much detail on the subject.
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Just upgraded the Reputation system, but had to hack the hell out of it due to it not being compatible :| I think most of it should be fine, the only problem is when you click to add reputation the box appears at the top of the page. My HTML is rather limited, does anyone know how to open up a new window displaying this... ?
<span id="reputation_menu" style="visibility: hidden; display: none;">	<table class="bordercolor" cellpadding="4" cellspacing="1" style="width: 100%;">		<tr class="titlebg">			<td height="22">', $txt['karma_title'], '</td>		</tr>		<tr class="catbg">			<td height="22">', $txt['karma_add_to'], ': <span id="reputation_name"> </span></td>		</tr>		<tr class="windowbg2">			<td>				<fieldset>					<legend>', $txt['karma_your_opinion'], '</legend>					<form id="reputation_form" name="reputation_form" action="', $scripturl, '?action=modifykarma" method="post" accept-charset="', $context['character_set'], '" class="reputation_form">						<input type="radio" name="type" value="agree"', !$context['can_pos_rep'] ? ' disabled="disabled"' : ' checked="checked"', ' /> ', $txt['karma_agree'], '						<input type="radio" name="type" value="disagree"', !$context['can_neg_rep'] ? ' disabled="disabled"' : !$context['can_pos_rep'] ? ' checked="checked"' : '', ' /> ', $txt['karma_disagree'], '						<span id="reputation_fields"> </span>						<br />						', $txt['comment'], ': <input type="text" name="reputation_comment" /><br />						<br />						<input type="submit" value="', $txt['submit'], '" />						<input type="hidden" name="topic" value="', $context['current_topic'], '.', $context['start'], '" />						<input type="hidden" name="sc" value="', $context['session_id'], '" />					</form>				</fieldset>			</td>		</tr>	</table></span>
It appears to be this part which is casing problems. Removing the first part after onclick() will load a new page with the reputation box. My guess is it's something to do with Reputation_form.
<span style="visibility: hidden; display: none;" id="reputation_form_', $message['id'], '">									<input type="hidden" name="uid" value="', $message['member']['id'], '" />									<input type="hidden" name="m" value="', $message['id'], '" />								</span>								<a id="repicon" onclick="reputationForm('reputation_form_', $message['id'], '', '', $message['member']['name'], '', this, event); return false;" href="', $scripturl, '?action=reputation;uid=', $message['member']['id'], ';m=', $message['id'], ';topic=', $context['current_topic'], '.', $context['start'], ';sesc=', $context['session_id'], '"><img src="', $settings['images_url'], '/karma.gif" alt="', $txt['add_karma'], '" title="', $txt['add_karma'], '" /></a>';
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i think that adding the target="_blank" to the <a href > tag should do it
Just until I can get this sorted, remember that once you have clicked "Add reputation" you have to scroll to the top of the page to find the box.
I've noticed that new users start with a reputation power of 5. Is this how it should work?Or am I wrong? Is this of any matter anyway?Sorry if thats silly
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Basically you get a reputation power for every 20 rep points you get. All new users after I had installed the new system got 100 points after signing up as opposed to the older members who received none.If anyone is angered and wants me to add 100 to their score give me a shout ;)
Just a quick question : When I click on the "add reputation" button, I scroll up to the top, there is the small window, but I can't "Agree", only the "Disagree" radiobutton is active... is it normal ? will it add to the reputation of the person if I click submit while the "disagree" button is selected ?
This is odd, what browser are you using?
Firefox 3.6.3 I will try with chrome and IE8, sorry I always forgot that web apps are not working the same on every browser. ___EDIT___Same behavior on Chrome and on IE... attached a screenshot.
same problem , Mac OS Snow Leopard , Google Chrome.
How very odd, I am using Chrome and it's fine. The system obviously does work for some people which is a relief because I have logs of reputation being sent without issues.I'll take a further look into it.
I'm having the same issue, on Safari 4.0.5 on Mac OS X 10.6.3.
+1 on the "can't agree" issue. Ubuntu 10, Opera and Firefox. Can't give props to Mike for any of his work setting up the forums until he earns more props for debugging the why-we-can't-give-props problem :
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Did a 'view source' and the "I Agree" radio button is definitely turned off... doesn't seem to be any explicit clues why, but there it is: I agree I disagreeDo you know what generates this html? It seems odd to use "type" as a name for a field, when "type" is a keyword itself. I'd change it to name="reptype" or something just to be sure, but that could just be nuking it from orbit and not really the issue.
It's not explicitly source (not a logical error any way, probably compatibility) as several members (including myself) are able to see the 'I agree' button :|
I can see it, but it's disabled. :SIt's disabled as shown in the code from jyates for some reason. Not sure why. :S
This is very odd, it can't be a privilege issue because all membergroups have the ability to modify reputation.
guys this problem with rep button ( inactive i agree for so many users ) is only damaging our community . any solutions to that?
Issue realized and will be addressed , thanks for the feedback
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