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Removing Hack

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Hey guys... This may come as a total surprise but I downloaded the hack that reassigns the volume buttons and adds Pandahome, hoping to be able to run some of the cool apps out there but just dont understand how to add an app. and cant enlist local help for a quick show and tell.Another problem I am having is that while playing audio from the PD audio player, I get a player crash between every track and have to do a "Force Close".The hack is obviously over my head and I would like to go back to the OEM Pandigital OS.Can someone give me the idiot version of how to go backwards and set it back to what it was out of the box? I had the 5 July 10 version firmware originally.Thanks in advance for the help.
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you should upgrade the firmware. That may be part of the problem, as that firmware was craptastic the 7-24 was good, and a lot of people like the 8-6 (me included). The 7-5 firmware was not a finished product, so I don't think you want to go back to that. download the 8-6 fw and flash it. Then try. I still strongly recommend flashing the fw and then hacking, because the hacks make the device infinitely more useful. In fact, you can hack it, and never use the hack... just open the pdn home and run it as a pdn.
All this sounds good but I am now over my head even more. I was hoping it just required some sort of easy deletion to go backwards but I guess nothing is that easy.I dont know how to flash the OS with the new 8-6 version but assume it is available on the Pandigital site. Are there detailed instructions on the PD site for flashing?Oh, one other thing. If I flash to 8-6 and want the hack, will 8-6 overwrite the current hack and will it will be necessary to rehack it after the 8-6 flash?
put .zip on sd card, hold + while powering on. remove userdata.img from .zip before flash to save hacks and programs installed
Heck, don't even do that especially since he wants to go back to stock. Download the PC installer from the Pandigital website. Follow the directions of the installer.Download link:
The instructions are pretty straight forward. Dnload the Option 2 zip file to your PC. Put that zip file on the SD card you use in the PDN either by putting it in a reader on your PC or connect the PDN & push the zip file to the external SD card in the PDN. Now, with the SD card back in the PDN, turn off the PDN by holding the power switch until you can select "power off", if that's the way yours is working. Then while pressing the vol up (+) button, power back on. You will see the Android icon indicating that it is loading the updated firmware. Yes this will start you from the beginning, but I encourage you to try the basic hack & button hack again. I didn't bother with Google Experience & I can easily install apps on my unit. You will be surprised how easy it is when you get it down. Cheers,kev
you should get the 8-6 fw, flash it so you are comfortable you can do it, then hack. If you want to, flash to unhack again. The hacks are worth it.
Thanks for the help and suggestions. I have upgraded to 8-6 on one of our two and the flash appears to be more responsive. The hack is gone for the moment but will probably be reinstalled tomorrow.You all helped a lot and with the OEM OS, the audio player no longer crashes between tracks.I will keep up with this thread and thanks again for all of the help.
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