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Remix-OS for PC, based on Android 5.1

Remix-OS is based on Android 5.1, just with a modified GUI. All functions, as far as I tested, working very well. And, Remix-OS for PC is Freeware, even the developer is a Hardware Seller for Tablets and Mini-PC's working on Remix-OS, for the PC Version everything is free, and that also includes future updates to the OS!

I created a bootable USB 3.0 Flash drive with Remix-OS for PC and used my Acer Aspire 4752G Laptop for to test and all went well with no single problem (till now)! The changed GUI need a bit 'playing' around, just, it work well as some would expect! Only missed to get access to the internal HDD, have to figure out the How Too.....! Overall, easy to install and run and, therefore, it could be recommended for to use on PC's!

Ethernet LAN, WiFi, Bluetooth, Camera, all working as they should and expected by users.

The downloads from Remix Website is done by Torrents, just the download speed is very fast. For the download of either 32bit and 64bit version, go to:
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