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Some people seem to have problems with reimaging their MK802 Android mini PC..
It also took me some time to figure it out..

It is very simple, if you know the steps..

You need LiveSuit and some images:
I have 2 images that I have tested..
  1. Original: en-us-NEW2-ak003
  2. Custom: Uberoid_MK802_v1.2
    Changelog v1.2:
    * removed userdictionary provider (annoying autotext when typing)
    * removed bluetooth
    * removed calendarprovider
    * removed openwnn

    Changelog v1.1 Final:
    * fixed a small bug in the shutdown script
    * added uberoid bootlogo
    * updated Fing from 1.3 to 2.1
    * updated Terminal Emulator from 1.0.40 to 1.0.44
    * added AndSMB so you can use Fing to scan and AndSMB to connect to windows machines easily
    * added gl clock live wallpaper, the awesome live wallpaper from Twjordo's video
    * added a task manager to kill off apps
    * added the MK802 Shutdown app by member benjamin94 (thanks benjamin!), a convenient app to properly shutdown the MK802 using my shutdown script

    Changelog v1.0:
    * fixed disappearing apps/files problem: added a shutdown script to safely shutdown, enter in terminal "su" then "shutdown"
    * disabled WAP Push Manager
    * fixed the enter key on the keyboard
    * fixed bootloop issue
    * more fluid scrolling
    * some video tweaks
    * JPG enhancement tweaks
    * force launcher in memory tweak
    * fixed MKV DTS sound
    * fixed root access
    * added superuser 3.1.3
    * latest google play store version 3.7.18
    * uinput enabled for droidmote
    * added SD Maid by darken
    * added jackpal terminal emulator 1.0.40
    * added fing v1.30 by overlook (network scanner)
    * added youtube 4.0.8e
    * added appbackup by infolife
    * changed default wallpaper
    * disabled phone
    * removed telephony provider
    * removed camera app
    * disabled onscreen keyboard, added hackers keyboard (longpress any text input field to select the keyboard)
    * full market access
    * BOOOM: boosted/optimized out of memory
    * optimized tcp settings
    * optimized internal/external storage write/read buffer
    * optimized scaling governor
    * removed all extra software
    •Documents to Go
    QYV Video pad 2.0
    QQ 1.9.1
    some chinese apk
    Skype 2.8
    Youku 2.2
    Youtube (old version)

This only works on Windows 32-Bit not on 64-Bit!!!.

Use a needle or something to push on the reset button (the little hole near the foot of the Android) of the MK802 and hold it until you connected the MK802 to your computer.
The driver wizard pops-up and you have to choose the option to browse your computer for the driver, point to the UsbDriver folder in the livesuit folder and accept the warning about installation of the driver.

  • Disconnect your MK802 from your computer
  • Start Livesuit.exe and point to the image you want to use.
  • Push and hold the reset button of your MK802 and connect it to your computer and keep holding the reset button until the flash wizard starts.

The flash wizard asks if you want your MK802 to be formatted or not, if you do not Android is replaced but your configuration and installed software stays.

Hope this helps..

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If you want to test some other images there are some
Fedora 17 is ported to a 720p and 1080p version

Also Lubuntu and Puppy Linux are ported but those images I do not have on my server, Fedora I want to test so I downloaded those..

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can you post the picture of this tablet? just to make sure I have the right one...If its identical I would like to try your rom...
It is not a "Tablet", it is an Android TV/Mini PC Stick. It looks like this:

Best regards...

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A couple of questions:
*) Is there a LiveSuit software for newer versions of Rikomagic MK802xxx models? Like MK802+, MK802 II or MK802IIIs? I'm primarily interested in LiveSuit for Rikomagic MK802 IIIs.

**) Are there some advantages in using LiveSuit over other flashing software (eg RKBatchTool and/or RKAndroidTool) ?

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