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[RECOVERY] [EVO4G] TeamWin Recovery Project (twrp) v1.0.3 [08/05/11]


TeamWin Recovery Project, or twrp for short, is a custom recovery built with ease of use and customization in mind. We started from the ground up by taking AOSP recovery and loading it with the standard recovery options, then added a lot of our own features that we deemed missing from current recoveries. After a lot of hard work for weeks, we are happy to announce the release of twrp.

Key Features:
- Clean, simple, intuitive Menu System
- Ability to save custom recovery settings
º Default partitions to back up
º Default zip folder location
º Default color theme (lots to choose from) (Thanks to ffolkes!)
º Default Time Zone (for more accurate time stamps; US time zones only for now)
º Zip Verification
- Ability to select which individual partitions to backup, and restore.
- Ability to choose compression or no compression backups.
º Compression takes longer of course, but you save roughly half the space. You choose.
- Ability to auto restore GAPPS on zip flash (for CM based ROMS)
- Ability to auto reboot after successful flashes (for the lazy)
- Capacitate Button functions
º Home - Main Menu
º Menu - Advanced Menu
º Back - Up a Menu Level
º Search - Select Current Selection
- Battery Level and Timestamp (Better safe than sorry)

Known Issues:
- Capacitative Buttons sometimes bug out after a while, but this does not hinder twrp in any way. (happens in aosp recoveries)
- While working on twrp, TeamWin's top race horse ran off, if you find him please let us know. (Emo Horse was found!)

As usual, use at your own risk. TeamWin is not responsible for anything bad that may occur from using twrp. We do however take responsible for the awesomeness that comes with it. Don't be a d3rp and use twrp for bad. With great power, comes great responsibility.

Special Shout Outs:
- TeamWin
º toastcfh - for his under appreciated dedication to the community.
º agrabren - for his leading the way to freedom for numerous devices with fre3vo.
º Dees_Troy, joeykrim, shift, vividboarder, onicrom, netarchy, kevank, myndwire, bigbiff, dkelle4, shinzul, spiicytuna, eyeballer, OtisFeelgood.
- Amon_RA - for his great Recovery for which we gained a lot of inspiration from.
- Koush - for his dedication to the community and ClockworkMod.
- unrEVOked for their great work and dedication to the community.
- AlphaRev for their great work and dedication to the community.

Source Code:


md5: 16c9eaa1557d8141a2ccc49363aeb781
md5: 07d6ff6b745d2145c352982c7eeb505a

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2011-08-05 - v1.0.3
- Added timezones that should cover everyone
- Added twrp spam feature (twrp settings)
- Added fix permissions (advanced menu)
- Added wipe cache and dalvik into Flash Zip menu
- Added copy recovery.log to /sdcard (advanced menu)
- Added output spam/no spam to restores
- Added mke2s prebuilt to /sbin
- Fixed SD-EXT issues, (no partition SD-EXT features yet)
- Fixed EFS partition issues
- Changed the way we do backups on mtd devices, which should fix any boot partition issues
(we suggest making new backups if you have an mtd device, EVO4G,NS,NS4G,etc)

2011-07-31 - v1.0.2
- Fixed SD-EXT issues
- Added Format SD-EXT into format menu
- Removed GAPPS support, CM7 automatically backsup and restores if you already have GAPPS installed. If you don't, just flash GAPPS zip
- Fixed issue where when flashing a rom, rebooting brings you back to recovery. Auto reboot after successful flash should work great now!
- Rearranged the format menu

2011-07-30 - v1.0.1
- initial release on EVO 4G

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Install as a Flashable Zip? [RECOMMENDED]

  • Download flashable zip from the OP and rename it "" (without the quotes)
  • Place in the root of the sdcard
  • Power off phone (make sure you turn off hot boot or pull the battery when it's off)
  • Power on the phone holding power and volume down
  • Follow the prompts to flash it
  • Delete .zip ( after booting
  • Enjoy
How to install with Fastboot:
  • Download the fastboot binary for your computer from HTC
  • Connect your phone and boot it into fastboot
  • Run fastboot with the command Code: fastboot flash recovery path/to/recovery-twrp-supersonic-1.X.X.img
Does this back up Wimax partition?
That is an option if you chose. Recommended to make at least one backup of just wimax and store that somewhere safe.

Why should I use this over ClockworkMod or Amon Ra?
Feature comparison matrix!
While all three recoveries offer roughly the same abilities (backup, restore, flash) we feel like ours adds a bit more in addition to the basics as well as blend some of the more useful features. A few differences to hightlight:
  • USB Mass Storage mode (Not in CWM)
  • Re-organized menus with most commonly used features on top
  • Saveable settings for all preferences selected
  • Date and battery display (configurable timezones)
  • Ability to auto-reboot after flashing
  • Color themes
  • Capacitive button support
Go a head and give it a try! You've got nothing to lose. If you don't like it you can always roll back to whatever recovery you want. Of course, shift might go all Emo Pony on us, but he'll get over it.

I found a bug! What do I do?
Well you're probably going to want to post here and see if other people are having the same issue. We're also going to start tracking bugs on Github along with our project. This will let you see what issues we are aware of. You can submit a bug here: Be sure to include how you came about the issue as well as list your device and how you installed twrp.
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