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Received mine today the charging cable failed after 10 minutes

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Has this happened to anyone else? The cable is pretty cheap I don't know if its worth sending it back I think I will just buy a higher quality universal charger for 9v 1a.
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On mine the lights shut off if the device is off and fully charged. Here's to hoping that maybe your battery is full!
The cable was bad, the replacement worked.
I was thinking that it may be the socket, since when I put my cable just a bit out from being fully inserted, it works. I found the same for the earphones socket.
Hey, it happened to me too. I just got the Eken M003 today at the charging cable lasted for 5 mins. What charger did you buy? I think M001 and M003 have the same charging 'hole'
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I got mine today, and the charger quit after 10 minutes, too! It's dead, Jim.lolDan
Had the same problem as well...died within 10-15mins of first use. Finding a replacement was painful. Ended-up buying a 2A, 9V switcher at the local Sayal Electronics. After opening my unit I found the fuse blown and a whole bunch of poor build quality....grr
Just got my tablet today, charger still works after an hour or so.Its the same chargers that come with all those other mini laptops on ebay
Mine died within ten minutes, so I cracked it open -- a couple of the resisters right near the transformer had actually caught fire. I went to the local electronics place, got a REAL 9v1a charger (it weighs about five times as much as the flimsy one I recieved with the tablet), rewired the end, and it's been working fine ever since.I don't think the components they use in the stock charger are capable of handling the current the device pulls -- in another thread (can't be bothered to search at the moment ;) ) people were reporting a greater-than-50% failure rate.
Are the faulty chargers UK or USA? I bought an M001 from Deal Extreme not noticing it was supplied with a USA 2-pin plug. Have not had any problems so far and the charger is a good fit into the M001. I had to pay about ?5.50 for a USA to UK adapter but as the tablet only cost me ?72 pounds including delivery I think I still got a bargain.
My ac adapter failed in 10 minutes. I emailed Deal Extreme, they sent me a new ac adapter which works fine. They also sent me the missing usb/data cable. Cable also works fine.
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