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Reading Adobe Digital Editions DRM-epub on Android?

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Are there any e-reader client on Android (ie PDN) that can read ADE DRM-epub files? I have the ADE client on my Win7 PC for reading the ebooks I borrow from my local library. Clunky but works well. Would love to do the same on the PDN.Thanks for any suggestions.
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zero_o,I was trying to do the same thing the other night but was unsuccessful. Is your library book only authenticated for a certain period of time? Where did you copy it on the Novel? Were there other files you also needed to copy? And,... what format was your eBook in? I'd appreciate your help!Thanks
OK, I've hit a wall again. When I drag and drop my library book to the PDN via Adobe Digital Editions, it does put it on the PDN, but in a Digital Editions folder on that device. It only adds the book to MyLibrary when it's in the eBooks directory. I am still getting the dialog Unlock Book with credit card# when i try opening it. It sounds like I need to figure out how to get Adobe Reader for Android app installed on the PDN. Does this require 'the hack' where I load a different home page and getting access to root? I've not attempted this yet.
Thanks everyone for your help! I didn't notice that I had a two ereader icons... 'EReader' for Barnes & Noble books, etc in My Library, and the other Adobe Reader which in fact does reference my library book and allows me to read it. I'm set to go now. So glad I can read library books on this thing. Would have been a big bummer if I couldn't get that resolved.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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