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This area is for Developers to post their MODS/ROMS.

This is not the correct section for posting general questions.
If you have a question about a MOD or ROM please post it in the thread for that ROM or MOD.

ONLY DEVELOPERS are allowed to create T=threads in this section.

The ONLY exception is if you are posting a ROM that doesn't already exist and the Developer is not a member of Slatedroid. If this is the case your post MUST include the following:

1. All details about the ROM (Android Version, features, known bugs, etc..)
2. Who is the developer
3. Download link to the ROM (no hot linking to a post on another forum)
4. Screenshots if there are any
5. Link to original developers forum thread or website for user support.
6. Your Post also must follow the Developers posting guidelines below.

For Developers

Developers when Creating a new thread please start title with one of the following Tags that corresponds with what you are posting:

[ROM ] - A new ROM.
[ROM/MOD] - If you have or your are posting an existing ROM that has been modified and is based off of the 1.1 bootlader
[KERNEL] - Kernels intended for 1.1 bootloader
[PATCH] - If it is just an update or fix for a ROM not a complete ROM.
[OS] - If you are posting another OS that has been ported over to the device (ex. Ubuntu, MeeGo)

If your posts do not follow the guidelines you will receive 1 warning to correct your post (if you need help correcting the post PM Myself or butchconner) within 24 Hours.
If the post is not corrected within 24 hours of receiving a warning, the post will be removed.

Thanx for your co-operation.

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