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Ramos K6 - 8.9" 1920x1200, ATM7039, 2GB/16GB

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Anyone found Ramos K6 tablet interesting? It seems utilizes the same Kindle Fire screen as iFive X2 and Pipo M7 Pro. The platform seems a bit old but on par with RK3188 (i'm not sure RK3288-based will be really available at least for month and surely will be more expansive).

There is a small video review on youtube:

After using this tablet for some time i could say:

it is generally a bit faster than u39gt, less lags;

screen has more vivid colors;

rather high battery consumption when wifi is on (this includes high back cover temperature while wifi is on), battery life in general is disappointing (see below);

wifi reception is on the par with u39gt (it means rather weak);

2 keyboards are included (2 .apk-s) in the firmware for some unknown reasons - Android keyboard and Android keyboard (AOSP).

overall size is more handy than u39gt;

Multiple user accounts are supported;

exFAT formatted microSDs are supported; microSDXC 64GB is also supported.

PS The tablet is removed from the product list on the official site, RIP


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