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Got my flatpad this week and was very worried about the stability with the 0804 software installed as it was freezing like deep winter. Anyway, I did flash with 0818 and things are way much better and usually.Once this started working, I really feel that tablet computing does have a bright future, I can see myself slowly moving away from standard computers for basic functions very soon. The resistive screen is not bad actually once it calibrate itself and in fact resistive screens can support multi-touch very well with clever programming. On the down side, I think my hardware has some damage with an occasional clicking sound inside and then when I touch the screen, I can hear some static in the speakers. It goes away sometimes but happens more often that I would want.I am worried about companies such as Flat Computing, they seem to be trying to sell these but they don't seem to have a good quality focus to response to questions on quality issues that I have raised. If they want to succeed they need to test these and make sure people get a good device otherwise ebay is a much better deal.
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