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Hi all, I'm having a little difficulty figuring things out on my M003. So here goes:1. How does the whole barcode scanner thing work, I have installed the app but I have no idea how to scan a barcode (considering this doesn't hav a camera). I have seen a few places mention to scan monitor but I'm not quite sure how that works.2. Is there any way to play music on this without it blanking out my screen. I can play tracks from my SD card but it puts the device into standby mode or something and pressing anything stops the music/3. Is it possible to plug in a pen drive into this and view the files on it?4. Is anyone, by any chance, using the app skyfire for watching flash. I can't seem to download it. Whenever I click download I just get error 404, which is rather annoying seein as I wanted this mainly for watching vids online.5. Also I seem to get the 'this app cannot be installed' msg an awful lot, is this normal?Thanks for all your help and I apolgise for being a bit clueless about these things, I have mainly used windows for everything before now so this is all rather new
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1. Doesn't work, the Eken M003 does not have a camera.2. Try a different music player, In the Jungle - All the Music Apps for Google's Android You Could Need has some suggestions3. In theory,yes. Plug it in and see if it works.4. Flash does not work on the Eken M003. Apad IRobot M003 does what you want.5. Yes that is normal. You are trying to install a program that is not compatible
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