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Professor Layton question(s) and any puzzle game recommendations??

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I mostly play PC games, and despite having a Switch, have not played the new(a year or two old) Professor Layton game. I love puzzle games and whenever I look for something new that game is always thrown around as a good one.
I just got an Ipad Mini the other day and am looking for some games. I bought Device 6 as I thought that looked pretty good, the only game I have so far, and then I noticed that there were Professor Layton games. There aren't a ton of reviews so I didn't know if maybe they aren't as good as people suggest, people have already played them since they are so old, bad port, etc. Are these worth getting for a puzzle fan? And, there are a bunch of different ones that I saw. There is the bundle, maybe the others I saw were just the games from that bundle, and then the one on apple arcade, which I do not have AA, that I think was the one also released on the Switch, which was poorly reviewed. Do ios games ever go on sale?
And, I will take ANY suggestions for puzzle games. If it is also on PC I have probably already played it. Some of my favorites... The Witness(though I had to cheat towards the end, too damn hard), Baba(same as the Witness), Portal 1 and 2, Braid, played Talos but not a huge fan, Antichamber, almost all of the Rusty Lake games, Obra Dinn, Superliminal, Supraland, tons that I am missing. But I am looking for puzzle games strictly for the Ipad.
Last question, any game out there similar to INFRA or The Painscreeks Killings? I always ask as those two have stuck with me the most since I've played them(I was late to the party, played them a few years ago). Looking for anything close to them.
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