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Some devices I have owned have touted a 32GB microSD card capacity, but were unable to read a 32GB microSD card when installed. The latesdevice being my Android tablet. The cure in every case was simple enough (though incurring and additional cost) -- just drop back to a 16GB microSD card.

There was nothing apparantly wrong with the 32GB microSD cards in that I could read them in my PC ok, see all the files on them, and read or play all them. The problem in every case was the devices (other than a PC) could see the microSD card (mounted ok) but could not see either any, or most, of the files.

The first device displaying this problem was the Motorola EX124G feature cell phone - not an Android device. The second device displaying the problem was an Android (2.3) cell phone - the LG Optimus Net. . The third device was another feature cell phone - the LG 840G (not an Android device). And the fourth device is my current Chinese Android (4.0) tablet.

Since I am incurring this problem over a wide range of devices, I think it is something in the operating systems perhaps relating to being able to index the microSD card - and that 32GB may be too big in size to index properly. Just a guess.

The bottom line is if you try a 32GB microSD card, and lose files on it, or can't see them, drop back to a 16GB microSD card.
I bought a lesser known 9", 8GB Hipstreet Flare2, 4.1 Jelly Bean tablet about 4 days ago before Christmas.
I also bought and inserted a 32GB SD card.
I don't have the issue that you mentioned.
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