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Experimenting with custom kernels I noticed occasional failures to boot - the kernel stalled up looking for root block device mmcblk0p2. Sounds similar to the problems people have reported with Debian.

My problem was simply that the MMC card takes slightly longer to appear in the kernel layer than the kernel waits, sometimes.

To fix, add 'rootdelay' in the kernel params in 'scriptcmd', ie

setenv bootargs mem=112M root=/dev/mmcblk0p2 console=ttyS0,11520 lcdid=1 rootdelay=5

(You might be able to get away with a lot less than 5 seconds.)

This might explain the "Debian only works with CE installed" experience as well, it's possible something about scanning the NAND flash takes longer when it has CE installed and this lets the MMC catch up.

I've updated the Debian scriptcmd that I was hosting on my website, you can grab it here:

(although that one only sets 109M of memory not 112M because I was using it to experiment with Android.)

Thank you for this.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts
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