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Problem with WIFI

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I received my ZT-180. At first time I have not any problems with connection to my wifi AP, but after few days it died. I have changed firmware a few time, go to wifi settings, it still don't work!today it worked for few seconds - show two AP , but after that it lode them...Have somebody any ideas? how I can to check is it hardware or software problem?
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Hello,I had the same problem. I expect that your signal is too low. 1. improve your internal antenna (search for thread)2. If this doesn't help relocate your router.3. choose the wlan settings for permanent wlan, and no switch off during standby.Give it a tryRainer
Does he start to search after disabling >enabling ? my MID has only a problem once the signal was very low. CheersRainer
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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