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problem with speakers

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hi, i got problem with t9, speaker started to make stuttering sound, it usualy starts like after 4-5 mins of usage and after some time stuttering starts to sound like racing game (engine sound) or something similar. Then i play music speaker doesnt play anything even then i connect earphones there is no sound. oh and then sound starts, some blurry lines appear on screen.
What should i do to fix this? should i make video of that sound and screen reaction?
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yeah show us a video
here it is
sometimes it doesnt even start to make that sound, but then i turn on music or something it starts....
edit: i just noticed that i cant hear it after i uploaded on youtube....
The blurry lines are from the power wires for screen (next to speaker wires) not being shielded. They most likely not twisted (see internals video review). I had to twist mine to almost completely get rid of the lines. As for the weird sound, I can't say. You may not want to open yours as to not void your warranty, so you can send it in.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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