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Problem with brightness widget

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On 7 inch android 1.5 Rockchip I installed a brightness widget to save battery. One touch and the brightness went to max, second touch went to zero. Apad reboots okay but can see anything and noway to reset. Any suggestions?
UPDATE:Upgraded the firmware (for Rockhip tablet with webcam). Information from thread on this website:aPad Firmware / Development[rom-tools]-apad-rom-update-tools-installing-roms-updates-602/Also, useful information from this site: Instruction:How to update flash Apad iRobot Android Tablet PC | EuologUpgrade made with existing usb cable and Win-7.Cheers
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OH MY GOD!....i did the same and now i'm trying to make an hardware reset...or install the OS fron the begin...I think we must to reset as factory profile.Anybody knows how to boot in safemode?Thanks a lot!
press the on button, and after the penguin appears top left, press and hold the menu button until you see "safe mode"it takes a while, i just tried it and had to hold it just about till it started, also more info posted in the wiki
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