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I have a problem in Email Setup trying to setup the Email Setup. It also is the same setupunder the Accounts Sync Settings in Panda.When I attempt to add an account, it takes me to the Email Setup and you have to put the email addressand password into two text fields When I enter my email address, which is [email protected], I thentap the next button. I then get three text fields, one called DomainUser name which is prefilled with davidba. It also shows my passwords as bullets, and the server as I check the use secure connection (SSL) box, and then hit the next button. The screen changes, and a "Checking incoming server settings.." come up with a large line underneath it, and then an error message that says "Setup could not finish Unable to open connection to server" when I hit the edit details button, it takes me back to the previous page where it is prompting for the DomainUser Name. I have tried quite a few different permutations to get to the gmail server, and have change the Domin name to several different values, such as, with no success. Does anyone know how this should be set-up with the correct Domain Name User Name and Server Name. I'm at a lost, and cannot get the Pandigital Novel to synchronize with my contacts on gmail. Any help would be appreciatedDavid B. Alford[email protected]
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