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For the majority of my wireless mods, I've been using the Touchstone (disconnected from HP). It was cheap, easy to wire (2 contacts), and had magnets for orientation.

But I've decided to move away from the Touchstone and into the Powermats for my wireless mods. Yes they are slightly more expensive, don't have magnets for orientation and have more contacts (4 contacts).

But one key thing I like about it was that I could place it on a big mat and it would charge. I found that while using the Touchstone's charging mat, I had to be conscious of how I place it on there for it to get a good contact. Sure the tilted angle was a big win but the hassle of thinking 'is it on there properly' really got to me. Also, I found that a slight bump will take it off the mat.

What is everyone else's experience with the Powermats and Touchstone? Try to go into detail if you can.
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