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Hi there
I've got a Dropad that i've had for two months. The other night, I went to turn it off and the power button stayed in, the Dropad stayed on, and the outer visible button is loose. The 'lovely' folk that sold it to me have said they will get the button fixed for £29 + postage (a third of what the tab cost me) The joys of Ebay! I'm really peeved cause I was expecting it to be covered by a guaruntee, it being only two months old. After all - using the power button is something we have to do, right? I've not used any extra pressure other than what it required to turn it on and off.

I guess this means I have no warranty of any kind so i'm wondering if it's defo the button on the board that's broken or just something gone wrong with outer visible button that pushes the internal. If it's the outer, then I may have a look inside myself, to see if I can repair it. I've looked at the pics on this forum but none of the clearly show exactly how the mechanism for the power button works. Anybody got any clearer pics or info/ideas?

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