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Hi everyone. First post. I have a real iPad and I am contemplating selling it for an android tablet; the Apad is of a couple options that I have. So i do a lot of video chatting, I know a real aPad, or at least ive read, comes with a .3 MP camera....thats pretty pathetic honestly. BUT, i would like to see screenshots of either, you using the webcam or just taking pix with the camera or a video of it working. I just wanna get a feel of how the quality is. Who knows, maybe we can upgrade it later in the future. I do like my iPad but i certainly do not love it nor feel the need to have one. I have a nexus, so I am all Android. I cant use a iPhone-like product anymore tho I had an iphone for 2 years. So help me out, post some pix. I would appreciate it. Thanks all!Aymanedit:Well i found one photo:
The reviewer said it was a 1.3 MP camera. I mean he says its crappy, I disagree. I think its ok. I mean for video chatting, more than enough....if the lighting is good. Some more would be great guys!
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