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In playing with this on the new 8/20 firmware, I noticed something. When I went back to rename back to, as soon as I made the change, the SD cards were immediately recognized (without needing to reboot).So then I renamed it again, and disconnected the device without a reboot, and the nook app worked, and the sdcards will still recognized.Rebooting while in this state resulted in the cards not being recognized.So as long as we boot it up with the original file, and then rename it when we want to use the nook app, and rename it back after before restarting the device, at least it works for now until we can figure out a more lasting solution (or the guys doing the wonderful work on Eclair have something usable for the rest of, which I suspect wont be too long from now).How hard would it be to have an app that toggles the filename?
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