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PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT ALTHOUGH I DABBLE I AM NOT A DEVELOPERThat being said yes and no.You coudl CERTAINLY use one of the "LiveCD or x86" versions of Android.The issue is that I BELIEVE their latest version is 1.6as for something like FROYOwow, that would be awesome wouldnt it? But realize that when you get into specs like youre talking about (because believe me I STRINGLY considered it) you are really looking at a "netbook - keyboard"INcluding the WEIGHT.and the long boot time.I run puppy linux on my netbook, and it STILL takes longer than I want to load because its loading from a HD, now realize puppy is smaller than 100MB and will run on a could you, yes, would you want to?probably not for too terribly longhowever if you do buy one of those PLEASE post a good review. I still havent bought my 10" yetj
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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