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While running into some issues with my M001 always mounting my SD card to my PC as "read only", I set about formatting the SD card (which didn't work) and then I decided to use the "Reset all settings" option within the SD card submenu of "Settings".Upon doing so my device rebooted and was stuck at the loading bar with the Slatedroid logo. This was a slight sweaty palms moment (great, I've just bricked my mother's tablet) but thankfully re-installing Slatedroid 1.3 via the SD card seems to have revived the device.This might be something the author or others might want to try to replicate as I don't think I fancy it again ;)*EDIT*Actually it would appear as though the installation process completes, I remove the SD card, device reboots and then it gets stuck at the "how do you slate" loading screen. There is a highly distorted black and white graphic above how do you slate, no idea what it's supposed to be displaying!Should I try Ecotox?*EDIT 2*OK so I decided to be even riskier and go back to Eken's firmware, this time trying the 1.7.4 upgrade. From Slatedroid's "TODO" list I see something similar to "reset settings" which suggests my issue is a known bug. For information, after I removed the SD card at the end of the install at the top of the screen some text came up saying "resetting settings" and then a few seconds later a confirmation message below it, followed by a reboot. And now I'm back with a working tablet.My question now is, can I safely upgrade back to SD / Ecotox? What was missing from my tablet when I tried to reset the settings that even a few fresh installs of SD's ROM wouldn't fix?
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