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So I made a little personal breakthrough installing wince on my m002 clone which is wmt 2.0.
I used something I found so I cannot take any credit of this. Just though to share my trial and error experimentation with you guys.
I found a package called BankofWinCE.rar from the internets and that seems to install things differently.
Possibly bootstrapping the u-boot / w-boot. BUT the point is it installs WinCe properly to my device. (Eken clone m002, on button/camera).
The reason I´m posting this is it could lead to a working / easy installing CE on devices which are on WMT 2.0+

Combining this with the Hopelessness CE would be nice but I´m not that good making distros.

As I said I cannot take any credit of this, it was just and experiment which paid off.

I´m trying to upload BankofWinCe.rar to the downloads section, but you can find it by googling too.

And I don´t take any responsibility if you brick your pad. Have fun and elaborate.

This could lead to something cool!!


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I can confirm this install fine on my m001, no touch screen as expected. Ice compared some of the script files to those in hopelessness but I don't know really how it. Anyone know of a from dev guide somewhere?
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