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Portable charging options

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Anybody investigated portable charging options such as the ENERGIZER XPAL XP8000 RECHARGEABLE POWER PACK FOR NETBOOKS? I got one of these from woot recently, but none of the supplied tips fits other than the mini USB and it doesn't charge the Gentouch.XPAL Power | Products : XP8000
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[quote name='Childofthehorn;48043]1. Use the 9-12V port 2. Goto Radioshack3. Buy compatible tip or make compatible cable from components there. 4. or get a 5V-9V converter and throw it in the GT78' date=' sucking off of the 5V USB[/QUOTE']Checked with Radio Shack - they don't carry this line of Xpal tips. Haven't contacted Energizer yet, but they guarantee that they can supply a tip for any device.I ordered a Zip-Linq DC adapter that converts a USB input to 9.0V @ 300mA. It didn't charge the Gentouch. Got hot the first time I used it, so may be defective. Are people successfully charging the unit via USB?
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I used the Black & Decker CP120B 20 Watt Power Backup Battery Pack when I went on vacation. Had to bring the power backup and the plug with me. The B&D unit has an AC plug and an invertor bult in. Bought mine at Woot! x3 and got some more in a BOC. You can also get them at Amazon and plently of other places. The device also has a USB plug for USB charging for cell phones etc. It can also be hacked with 3000mAh AA batteries for longer run time.
I forgot about these. I have several from woot too. Pretty old, but still working. Using the AC output, mine extended the battery life by over 50% playing mp3s - might get more time with fresh batteries.
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