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Anyone have any experience to share on the MOMO11.
Specs almost the same as other RK3066. This is a 9.7" screen and a 4:3 aspect screen at 1024 x 768.
I am sending my Cube U30GT for a refund and am considering a replacement instead.
If this is good, I will get this then.

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Does anyone have any pics or a copy of the Spanish site guide to the wifi fix ?

I have got a Speed with woeful wifi and would like to give the fix a go but the existing links on this thread to the guide go to a website that is "under construction"

Im pretty sure I can open up the Momo but before I dive in it would be good to know what I am going to be looking at.

Thanks in advance
Thanks Pete - yes from what Ive read I need to unstick the antenna from the screen and move it to the edge of the tablet.

The bit that I am unsure about is whether the antenna can be left loose or needs to be soldered as in the youtube vid.


Seem to recall the latest firmware helped wifi a bit, here's a few links regarding the hardware:

Looks like upgrading/moving the antenna and/or improving the antennas 'ground plane'

cheers, Pete.
1 - 2 of 296 Posts
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