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Anyone have any experience to share on the MOMO11.
Specs almost the same as other RK3066. This is a 9.7" screen and a 4:3 aspect screen at 1024 x 768.
I am sending my Cube U30GT for a refund and am considering a replacement instead.
If this is good, I will get this then.

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Hi, I'm going to buy my first tablet and I read very good reviews about ployer models.

I like to read comics, ebooks and to watch videos (mostly tv series on .mkv). So I need a good screen and a decent audio.

It seems that Momo12 has a larger "community"... but I think that for reading a 9,7" screen would be better.

Any advice? Is the audio mono on both models?

Is it possible (with official or custom roms) to extend the storage space in the Ployer tablets?

Thanks so much!
1 - 1 of 296 Posts
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