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Anyone have any experience to share on the MOMO11.
Specs almost the same as other RK3066. This is a 9.7" screen and a 4:3 aspect screen at 1024 x 768.
I am sending my Cube U30GT for a refund and am considering a replacement instead.
If this is good, I will get this then.

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Hello everyone, this is my first post.

I need some help...
I tried to upgrade the original firmware (4.0.4) in my Momo 11 Speed with the new MOMO11极速_4.1.1_V01_20121206
I read a post before with a "clean way" of update firmware througth an sd card and I tried to do this way.
But nothing happens when I insert the sd card in the tablet with update.img file, no message pops up... I need to install one special app before insert the card?
Did I miss something? Any help will be welcome...
Thanks in advance (and sorry if my english is not good)
I have a bigger problem now!!!
I tried with a previus firmware version MOMO11极速_4.1.1_V01_20121129,
and the windows pop up. I accepted but after few minute updating reading some code with the Android robot in the center of the screen,
the tablet freeze, the upper part is black and the 1/3 in the buttom is white with points in variuos colors...
What can I do??? How could I fix this??

PLeaseeeee, I almost lost my parents christmas present

any help will be welcome!!!

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1 - 2 of 296 Posts
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