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Anyone have any experience to share on the MOMO11.
Specs almost the same as other RK3066. This is a 9.7" screen and a 4:3 aspect screen at 1024 x 768.
I am sending my Cube U30GT for a refund and am considering a replacement instead.
If this is good, I will get this then.

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any questions, please ask. for the price i think this tablet is sweeeeeet
Thank you very much for your post....I have been struggling trying to find some useful info on this tablet. Can you please post some pictures of your tab, including the back cover and also give some evaluation of the wifi performance.

The reason I ask for the pictures is because there seems to be 2 models of the Momo speed....I see one on the Ployer website with a black and silver/gray back cover but I also see a different all silver all aluminium cover on some sellers website. But the design of the back covers is different for each, with the speakers in different positions and black part appears to be some plastic cover for the wifi antenna. I think the black and silver/grey aluminium cover is the official ployer one but I am not sure. Any insights you can provide will be greatly appreciated.

see ployer website version here: www(dot)ployer(dot)cn/momo11jsdes.asp#des
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hi, I've uploaded the pictures. Mine seems to be one with the aluminum back, and on the back it has written Momo11二代 (Momo11 "second generation"). The device's firmware calls it the Momo11 speed though. I don't know what the difference is between the aluminum backed one and the black one - I didn't notice the difference actually.

I should really have posted all this information sooner, like when I got the tablet 2 months ago.. better late than never I suppose
you have added some light to my confusion. It seems, from my reading on the Ployer website, that the one with the black and silver back panel may have better wifi performance and is a later evolution of the tablet. Seems the black part is some sort of plastic panel cover for the wifi antenna, but I speculate. But based on your review and my web research, this tablet is probably at the top of my list.....

Tried to look at taobao but cant understand a thing…so will probably have to find another reputable seller....thanks again
Glad to see this thread get some thanks to abhoreil and tablet collector, among others

I was about to order this tab, the one with the black strip...but will wait with bated breath on Jez's review....from my endless reading of info, it seems that the tab with the black strip at the back should have better wifi performance and a better screen....

Jez, can u also check the sound quality....since, from the pictures, the speakers are located differently for the 2 versions
Build quality is excellent. Although it is plastic it feels sturdy. I haven't noticed any screen bleed.

EDIT: By the way it rooted easily with Zhuodashi (had to run it twice as usual though).

Jez, what are your impressions re the sound quality on its own and then relative to for eg Pipo M3.

Also, is the whole of the back panel plastic or is it a combination of plastic & aluminum, with the black strip being plastic.

Funny you should say that as I noticed after putting it down for a while that when I picked it up again the back felt cold (like metal). It's quite difficult to say for certain even on close inspection. I no longer have my M1 but that definitely felt metallic. I'll see if I can find out for certain.

Jez would greatly appreciate if you can please confirm what that back panel is made of...its probably the final thing keeping me from pulling the trigger on this tab....thanks
Does anyone know for certain what the pixel density (PPI) of the IPS screen is, i.e. for the Momo with the black strip (Speed) on the back? reviewer earlier in this thread says the silver back Speed's screen is not as good as the one with the black, another reviewer says black strip screen is not as good as the one with the silver back....does anyone know if this is a matter of quality control by Ployer, or is there some objective way to determine which screen is actually the best?

BTW, thanks for your review admonisher.
dont know which is speed or all aluminum back but the one on the left looks a little more natural to me. Pictures reminds me of my HDTV. The one on the left is when I have it on movie/autoview and on the right (brighter) is the sports view, which I hardly ever use. But it seems that the one on the right maybe has better viewing angle. From gilera's previous posts I guess the one on the right is the all aluminum back panel
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Hi !

I received my momo11 speed yesterday, just have the time to try it few minutes and it works fine !
But i have a question, there's a lot of chinese applications on it ! How can i remove them ???

My system build :

can you say where you bought your Speed? and did you get the all aluminum back or the one with the black plastic strip on the back? I have been trying to buy one for a while but can't seem to find one online. How is the screen? Thanks for your help.
Hello ! I bought it in a store of aliexpress, seller name is "Top-Win TESCO". But the Momo11 is out of stock for the moment. I've the version with black plastic strip on the back. The screen is really great ! But on mine, i've a little impact on the lcd with dead pixels, not on the glass, directly on the screen below. But it's not a problem, there is something like 4 or 5 dead pixels located on the edge of the screen, not visible when i use it.
Thanks for the response, it is appreciated....I ordered one from a seller on aliexpress, hope it goes well.
The tablet has now arrived and it has the full aluminium back. grrrr.

There is no "Ployer" or "Momo 11 speed" branding at all on the shell/case. It's just a plain aluminium back, no branding at all.
In the system menu's it's listed as model : MID. No mention of "Ployer" or "Momo 11 speed" anywhere.
All the technical spec's align with the Momo 11 Speed from what I can find online but I'm worried what I have is some dodgy copy.

I have contacted the seller and as they "promise" it's a Momo 11 speed but they think I could have been sent an unbranded OEM version.
Sorry to say...but you got an OEM tablet....its not the original ployer. The MID is stands for mobile internet device, which is just a generic tablet reference. As for the "promise"...I have been thru that with the online sellers....especially the sellers from China....they always "promise", its their way of gaining your confidence...your best bet is your own skepticism, common sense and these forums. Good luck.
Hi all. I just got my Ployer Momo11 second generation. It's my first tablet and i'm very new with all these.
I originally had one n there were some defects on it. I returned it and got an exchange. but this time I had many unnecessary apps (some chinese ones and some that dont look like apps) built-in in the tablet.
I want to remove them as they are taking up a lot of space.
I read here that the only way I could remove all of those is to go to the Ployer website and get the latest firmware.
However as I follow the instructions I bumped into a problem. Here are some pictures of my tablet for further information about it:

Thank you in advance!
Hi, if I understand you correctly your objective is to remove the pre-installed chinese apps. If that is the case I do not see why you have to update the firmare. I have a Ployer MomoII Speed and was able to remove the chinese apps. However to do so I had to Root the tablet first, check that its actually rooted with Root Checker from the google play store and then install ES File Explorer from the playstore. Es File Explorer allowed me to delete ALL the chinese crapware.

You can check if your tablet is rooted first with Root checker from google play store. If its not and you want to root it...this is the video I used:

Now I am really no expert...and this is my 1st android tablet. Plus I do not know the +es and -es of rooting the tablet. I just wanted access to the build.prop file and separately, I wanted to remove the chinese apps so I am explaining to you how I did it.

Hope this helps and best of luck!
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