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Please someone help!!!

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PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!.... i have been able to go as far as runnin android emu.. creating account but when it comes to step 7 (ugly market hack) where u type in SDK folder/tools in the cmd prompt this is what happens C:UsersCHOP>SDK folder/tools <--thats when i hit the enter button) 'SDK' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. <--thats what comes up in cmd prompt)i have read alot of posts and found no other issue like this one. someone plz get back to me soon on this unfortunate turn of events...i would very much appreciate it. Thank You
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You read that wrong. It's telling you to to a cd to the tools subdirectory of your SDK. Once in the correct directory, run the command stated on the next line.
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