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[quote author=Shnryu link=topic=14856.msg120012#msg120012 date=1295093933]

im new to this so can you please make a firmware for this type of apad??

my firmware is android 2.2 and its slow and a bit loggy..

so can you make a firmware that is fast and looks like a gingerbread??

Adv Thanks

My my, you are new around here, aren't you.

Rule 1. Never double post. I deleted your other one for you so you don't have to.

There are a lot of other rules, you'll figure it out, but understand that this isn't a made-to-order software store. It exists for people to help others LEARN how to modify their own device. Nobody here get's paid to provide a service such as you are requesting, nor should they.

The information available here is often daunting, even encyclopedic, which is a good thing because there's plenty of material for you to absorb before you can construct informed and knowledgeable questions. Good questions take the form of, "How do I change the whatnot so the do-hicky will access the thingamabob?"

Bad questions which expose the writer as someone quite at a loss about how to successfully change their device and troubleshoot if and when they get into trouble look like yours, "Please do all this for me because I don't have a clue and want to borrow your clue without even looking for a clue or asking where the clues are." See, it's not really a question. We ask questions here, and as people develop firmware, they are nice enough to share what they created for themselves and might have made them user friendly enough that others can easily use them too.

If you have neither the time nor desire to fully understand your highly sophisticated, hand-held computerized electronic device to the point where you are comfortable enough to attempt what you learn here for yourself, then I sincerely suggest (and I'm not trying to be mean) you get a friend to do it for you or buy a device that does what you want without modifications. Apple makes a very popular product and the extra you pay for it includes tech support.

WE ARE HACKING THESE THINGS. If you don't know what you're doing and ruin your slate, it's not our fault. You're asking someone to help you brick your toy. Go Read around.
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