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Hi all . excuse me for my bad englishI'm in trouble ... fell to the ground APAD (MD01-V2.0 motherboard) .. and broke the touch screen digital. :'( :'(cabbage .. It is new, it came to me four days ago! and now it is unusable.Does anyone know where I buy replacement parts? .. or visit the factory?any advice would be appreciatedI am sure that in this interesting forum, someone can help meMany thanks in advancentn
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You probably will find some websites that are willing to sell replacements. Also a good idea would be to check ebay for broken ones because they all share similar parts.Anyone have a proper image for a Md01-V2.0? I have a 7" white apad with no camera. Somehow when I try and update I get an error and it boots into a linux os called "Familiar". Any ideas how to mount the removable flash memory port? Any help is great.
If you still have a picture, but you see cracks, you can likely change just the digitizer and have it working again. If you have no picture ... you have more issues. The L.C.D. and digitizer are separate parts and can be bought separately. The L.C.D. typically runs double the price of the digitizer (for M001 and M002).
You can buy parts for the Apad (M001) from dealers in China but if they decide to send you junk or even defective stuff ... you really have no legal recourse. Not to mention, it takes a good week for delivery and shipping for one of these are about 18,50 U.S. .

Buy it from the U.S.

You can buy the digitizer for the M001/M002 from the U.S. , here

Be very careful if you do the repair yourself. Some of the parts (Including the digitizer) are very fragile.
Search Youtube and alike for vids on doing the repair, your less likely to cause yourself more heart ache that way.
Good luck, Shawn
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