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I'm a new owner of a PiPo U8, I think it's a good idea to have this extra topic to discuss anything about Accesories for this tablet.
I open it with a question...

What is the largest (GB) and fastest (Class) microsd that you have install on this tablet without any problem?
I'm interesting for a 64GB (Class 10) or at least a 32GB (Class 10)...
But if you say there is any problem with these, I prefer a 32GB (Class 6) for sure.

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Here is the answer of PiPo support to my question.


The capacity is 32GB and the Speed is Class 4.

You can find more detail from here.

The SD card here fit our tablet.

Best regards,


PiPo Technology Co,.Ltd(digisino group)

Also an interesting topic, here.

And a usefully comment from Amazon about Class 4 and Class 10 cards and how can a Class 4 be a better option from Class 10! (at speed)

Like most, I went for the fastest card when I got my new phone. I figured class 10 was faster than class 4, so it must be better, right? Wrong.
It turns out that a card tuned for fast sequential performance has slow random performance on small files. A class 10 card is great for a HD camcorder because it's always writing a large amount of data sequentially.
It sucks for a phone or tablet using the card to randomly store lots of small files.

The CrystalDiskMark scores I got with the Transcend class 4 32GB card are (100 MB transferred):
seq: 22.9 MB/s read, 4.3 MB/s write
512k: 22.0 MB/s read, 1.3 MB/s write
4k: 3.3 MB/s read, 1.3 MB/s write

In contrast, here's the 16GB class 10 card it's replacing:
seq: 21.8 MB/s read, 12.0 MB/s write
512k: 21.5 MB/s read, 0.9 MB/s write
4k: 5.7 MB/s read, 0.008 MB/s write (yes 0.008)

So read speeds are roughly the same, with the class 10 having a small advantage with small files. Write speed of the class 10 is about 3x faster on sequential files,
but the class 4 is a whopping 160x faster with really small files. Unless you're writing lots of big files to the card (e.g. recording video), avoid the class 10. The class 6 and 4 cards offer much more balanced performance.

By Solandri
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