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Installation Guide:

  • Download the hubenable version matching your device's kernel.
  • Check that you have a file manager installed on your device that is able of root access.
  • Extract the archive and rename the file to hubenable.ko
  • Copy the hubenable.ko to your device (i.e. to it's SD card or internal memory)
  • Use a terminal to read-write mount your /system folder, "mount -o remount,rw /system", or check that your file manager can do that your you.
  • Use the file manager to move the hubenable.ko to system/lib/modules/
  • In the terminal again set the rights of the file to include execution permission (chmod +x /system/lib/modules/hubenable.ko)
  • To have HUB enabled until the next reboot you need to type "insmod /system/lib/modules/hubenable.ko"
  • If the above command fails, you missed to do "su" first as you need to be root for that.
  • To make that command permanent at every start of your device you can use tools like SManager
  • Use the tool to add the same command line as mentioned in the manual approach.

That's it, have fun!

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