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Hi everyone.

First of all I'm new to the forum and to the tablet market so as all the newbies started from reading before decided to make a post. So far I haven't seen anything about M1 Pro that received upgrade from rk3066 to 3188 quad core but the rest of the hardware I believe stayed the same. So my question is it worth to buy quad core version over dual in terms of the gain performance of both CPU and Gpu ( in case of 3188 should be faster;higher clocks) or will battery life suffer because of that ? Other thing that I'm not sure is how bluetooth 2.0 is coping as I'm planning to use my Bluetooth keyboard (for easier operating of my gaming server and remote access) and gamepad (icontrolpad) that I'm currently using with my Htc phone. I spent a lot of time to find china tablet with Bluetooth 3.0 but had no luck or the description was misleading so have no idea if it will make any difference as my experience is just based on my 2 laptops and the phone which have 3.0 and 4.0. Have discovered that new tablets with rk3188 with screen resolution 1920x1200 like m9pro and m7pro suppose to have 4.0 at least according to Pipo website. Some may ask why bother with older model well I prefer to buy something that is already tested and prove to be a good pick and the other thing is I like the way that all the connectors are on the right side of tablet rather than on top like m8 pro. So any info from the owners of old m1 or pro versions and maybe those more tech people will be useful and help to put some light on things. Other suggestions are also welcome so thanks for the read and sorry if its a bit long and boring.

Ps. Forgot to mention that have used for few days Ployer momo8 which have same hardware as old m1 and was happy with performance but bluetooth was not working so couldnt check keyboard and gamepad.

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