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Phoenix OS, Android 5.1.1 based

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Phoenix OS

An Android 5.1.1 based personal computer system
With Trend Keep Legend
Phoenix, sails again

Starting from fashion, returning to classics
Phoenix OS is a personal computer operating system which is further researched and developed based on the Android platform, mainly orients to smart tablet, laptop, desktop computer and other large-screen devices. It inherits many habits and experiences of classic personal computer operating system, and also supports millions of mainstream Android applications. You can use it freely no matter under environments of family, office, education or others.


For sure, Phoenix OS is Freeware, as Android is anyways!!


Phoenix OS(x86) 1.0.4 beta (Simplified Chinese/English language)
Release Date: 02/26/2016
Size: 398.9M
MD5 Checksum: 053198608C22062A11244263258BEFB3
Phoenix OS x86 version depends on Android x86 open source project.

Phoenix OS installation program uses grub4dos
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Installed now on my older Acer Aspire 4752G Laptop for testing.

First impression: Works well, with no problems.

The first thing I missed: NO Ethernet LAN Support! WiFi Just works well.

I used to install to a blank HDD on 32GB, which was need quite some time, possible to install from 4GB to 32GB!

There 2 languages at beginning: Simplyfied Chines and English US, just there more could be set from Settings Menu. Web-Browser is Startdust, Chrome based!

Access to all local storage drives is possible.
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