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Hello There, I bought this tablet the past weekend after being on rainchecks and searching everywhere. The USB charging does NOT work, it simply cannot work. they do not have the correct hardware in there to boost the 5V into 9V. But AHA! we can (albeit with varied efficiency). we have room inside the back of this thing, esp with the non-pop board back there.There are a couple of ways. 1. Put a USB charging circuit in there to boost the power to 9V at ~270-380ma2. Create a USB to Charging bit adapter There are a few ways to do it as well....1. Buy a USB to 9V simple small adapter (I just bought a Zip-Linq USB-9V adapter)2. Buy a USB 9V charger cable (saw one here, looks correct size-wize )3. Find an old Lan card from a busted computer and build your own (these are called flyback 5v to 9V converters) Look at These and TheseI chose to do #1 because I also wanted the slim surface mount USB female port because I plan to put that in place of the HDMI port that does not exist. Better to have a good USB host for keyboards and such eh? Also, I want to put a Palm touchstone inductive charger in the back because I have a bunch of the Palm docks that I am currently using with my modified Evo. Inductive Charging= Win. I know that the rate is slower, but that is only assuming that you are using standard 500ma ports. Even still, 280ma should keep this thing alive and a little extra.Still you can add USB charging for ~$13 shipped (macmall, amazon, or for free with the old crap in your house. Have Fun you hackers!
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