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I dont even know how this is possible. Im very confused.

Ive had roebeets firmware on my PDN for months. i had deleted the internal memory card partition #2 on my PDN a few days ago. I recreated the partition but i couldnt get it to mount. Ive done a restore off of roebeet's rom on my memory card several times this week while messing around. Well... this time i did a firmware flash off that same rom and not only is my damaged partition repaired but my PDN9 is reverted back to the original pdn firmware it came with! I dont even know how thats possible! i dont even have the original rom. I even checked the build.prop on my novel and compared it to the one in roebeets rom. Its different!

can anyone give me a clue to how this happened? I dont even see how the original rom could be stored on an internal partition somewhere. or could have roebeets rom malfunctioned some how?

anyways im going to sleep. i'll figure this out tomorrow.
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