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I'm looking for a pdf reader app that would satisfy my tricky/picky requirements.I've been using the PDN to read long pdf documents on the go, and it's been incredibly useful. The pdf documents I have to deal with often havewide margin, but if I apply adobe reader's scaling function even just once, the document would get magnified too much that it (width-wise) it no longer fit on the screen.Beamreader does let me scale the document so there is very little left/right margin. However, once you scale it and try to scroll down the page, the document invariably slide a bit to the left/right, and it's a pain to have to constantly adjust the page.So: is there a pdf app that perform variable scarling (or at least, scaling in small steps) AND lock out side-way sliding as you scroll down?I know it's a long shoot, but I thought I would ask... I don't mind paying for a good app, but I don't want to get half a dozen of them only to find out that none of them does what I want...Thanks!
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