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Currently have a GX970 running in my PC with various PC games loaded via Steam. I was able to get PC games streaming to TV using the Moonlight app within AirTV with very little issues.


Install steps

1. Go to Apps within My TV menu in SlingTV ecosystem

2. Go to Google Play and search for Moonlight; choose and install

3. Got to Apps within My TV menu and then to Games section; select Moonlight

PC NVidia GeForce Experience Set up steps

1. Right click on Nividia GeForce Experience within PC taskbar (running Windows 10) and select "Open GeForce Experience"

2. Click on Settings (gear cog icon)

3. Click on Shield

4. Ensure that Gamestream is enabled

Sync TV to PC steps

1. PC should show up within Moonlight app (provided that both AirTV and PC are on the same network)

2. Select PC

3. All native games that can stream will show up

4. If game does not show up; click on Steam app and the Big Picture Mode of Steam will show up.

5. Select Library and find game that you want to stream and select it

Sync controller to AirTV (using Xbox 360 Wireless controller)

1. Purchase Xbox 350 Wireless controller for windows (the one that comes with a USB receiver)

2. Plug receiver into AirTV USB port

3. Turn on controller

4. Press connect button on receiver

5. Press connect button on Xbox 360 Controller

6. Unlike when connecting controller PC, the green connect light button will continue to flash on the controller eventhough it is actually connected. You may need to release the battery hatch to power down the controller as the green connect button does not shut down the controller if you hold it down.

I followed the steps above and had no issues syncing my PC to the AirTV and streaming games with little noticeable lag using a wireless Xbox 360 Controller.

Please let me know your experience with PC game streaming using the AirTV.


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