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Partial Dissassembly

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This is going to be the shortest most disappointing "report" you will probably read in a forum:

I decided to remove the back of my eLocity A7. If you look at the bottom of the unit there are round holes on each side of the large D connector. Each has a black rubber insert. I took a pin and removed the rubber inserts to uncover Torx screw heads. I tried my Torx-8 screwdriver and found it was too big.

I guess it probably needs something like a Torx-6 screwdriver. I do not have one that will fit.

Thus ends my first attempt to open the back of the eLocity A7.

Sorry guys. . . .
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Things that start bad often don't get much better:

I bought a set of screwdrivers tonight including a Torx-6 which fit perfectly. The back slide downward as was expected. Inside, things were a bit disappointing. There is a large battery on the left which is held in place by 4 Philips head screws. Why not Torx-6 again? On the right side is a large radio shield covering just about everything. I could have lifted the shield, but there was something attached to it (possibly an antenna) and I did not like the way it attached, so I decided to leave it alone for now.

Near the bottom, in the middle of the device is a space for what looks like a Mini-PCIe card. But the socket is not provided. There are solder pads, and if these are connected to the rest of the circuitry, there is some potential for later use. There is an antenna cable in the middle of the card space, so in theory, the A7 is almost ready for something like a GSM card.

After all this, while attempting to reassemble the A7, I dropped and lost one of the Torx-6 screws.

Well, I guess this one is going to be used indoors, at home for now. At least until I can get a replacement screw.
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Waterproof ????????

So, is the battery something that can be removed so it could be replaced with another one of that allows more hours without needing another charage? Do you have pictures of the dissasembly process?
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