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Pandora random skipping issue - Please help!

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Hello all, I've had my ePad for about a week now and haven't been having many issues, besides one with pandora: it begins to play songs, but before any one song ends, it will automatically skip to the next song. This happens on all stations and whether it is in the foreground of the background. In fact, even if the only touch I make is to launch pandora and I let is sit, it still skips. It is as if there is some phantom button that is being pressed! The weirdest part is that there is no set interval at which this happens - sometimes it happens immediately at the right beginning of songs, sometimes the middle, the end, or anywhere in between. Has anyone else experienced this issue? I read something about a smiler problem happening on the Samsung Moment, but it was fixed with a patch. Any help is appreciated.
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Ok I officially feel stupid now... yeah, shake to skip was on. Thanks for the advice.
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