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Pictures and information taken directly from the Pandigital Planet Model #R70A200 User Guide
Thanks to shellybear for the epub. Mirrored here. (Thanks Mark Adams!)

Technical Specifications
  • 7" Resistive Touch Digital TFT LCD : Resolution 600x800 pixels
  • Dimensions: Outer case: 5.25"w x 7.75"h : Screen: 7"
  • Android OS: Version 2.2
  • Compatible Media Sources: Up to 32GB microSD (SDHC) card
  • Camera: 2 cameras, front 0.3MP and back 1.3MP
  • USB Ports: Mini USB 2.0 Host/OTG
  • Internal Storage: 2GB
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi (802.11 B/G/N)
  • Hdmi Output: Hdmi output port supports Hdmi 480p, 720p or 1080p
  • Audio input/output: Built-in microphone : Built-in stereo speakers : Stereo-mini earphone jack
  • Battery: Li-ion rechargeable 2800mAh, 3.7V
Package Contents
  • 7" Planet Tablet eReader
  • AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Quick Start Guide
  • User Guide (preloaded in device)
Compatible File Formats
  • eBooks = EPUB, PDF
  • Photos = JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, non-animated GIF
  • Audios = MP3, WAV, AAC
  • Videos = Codecs supported: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV, DivX HD/XviD, VC-1. File formats supported: 3GP, AVI, FLC, 3GPP, MOV, MP4, 3G2
OfficeSuite Compatible File Formats
  • Word = DOC, DOCX
  • Excel = XLS, XLSX, CSV
  • Power Point = PPT, PPS, PPTX, PPSX
  • Text = TXT, PDF
Power Button Usage
  • Turn On: Slide and hold the power button 1-3 seconds.
  • Turn Off: Slide and hold the power button for 3 seconds tap Power off OK to confirm the power off.
  • Sleep Mode On/Off (energy saver): To save battery energy, while the unit is on you can turn sleep mode on/off by sliding & releasing the power button quickly.
  • To unlock the screen after power on or after sleep mode, finger-slide the Unlock bar towards the Sound bar .
  • Turn Sound Off/On: You can quickly and conveniently turn the device sounds off/on by sliding the Sound bar towards the Unlock bar .
  • When sounds are off, the Sound bar changes to . Slide again to turn the sounds back on.
LED Indicator:
  • LED off: Device off, Device on, connected to power adapter, fully charged
  • Red LED on: Device on or off, connected to power adapter charging
  • Green LED on: Turn device on, after 3~5 seconds LED turns off
Reset device: In the event that the device does not respond to your touch, you can reboot/restart it by sliding and holding the power button for 6 seconds.

Home Screen

1. Notification icons (i.e., Email, SD card, downloads, etc.). Finger-slide down on the notification to view the details, then tap on a detail listing to access corresponding application.
2. Wi-Fi connection status / Battery charge level status / Indicates Alarms are activated / Current Date and Time
3. Widgets (i.e., Google) and Shortcuts can be added to the Home screen.
4. The My Books widget shows two most recently read books, and the most recently read magazine and newspaper. Simply tap on a cover to open the media file again.
5. The My Wi-Fi widget allows quick access to setting up and connecting to a local Wi-Fi network. After successful connection, simply tap the globe icon to launch the browser.
6. Dots on left and right side of screen indicate the visible screen of the 5 available spaces. Tap the left or right dots (or finger-slide the screen) to display extended screen space.
7. Settings quick launch icon.
8. Applications screen quick launch icon.
9. Browser quick launch icon.

Tap on any application icon or widget to launch it.
Touch, hold and slide icons or widgets to reposition them on the screen.
Touch, hold and slide icons onto [Trashcan] to remove them from the Home screen. Removed application icons remain on the Applications screen allowing you to copy them back onto the Home screen later if desired.

Applications Screen: On the Home screen, tap [the grid icon] to access the Applications screen.
(As you add third party applications later, you may need to finger-slide the screen vertically to see more application icons that are not visible on the screen.)

Preloaded Applications:
  • Antivirus ~ Protects the device in real time by scanning all files, folders, downloads, etc..
  • AppInstaller ~ Use to install and uninstall third party AndroidTM applications.
  • App Market (SlideME) ~ Market offering free and purchasable third party AndroidTM applications.
  • Barnes & Noble ~ Shop on the Barnes & Noble Bookstore, download purchased media, and access My Library.
  • Browser ~ Access the Internet and 'surf the web' whenever desired.
  • Calculator ~ Calculator for basic math equations (+ - x ÷).
  • Calendar ~ Display monthly calendar and schedule events.
  • Camera ~ Use front or back built-in camera to take pictures or videos.
  • Clock ~ Digital clock screen with scheduled alarms functionality.
  • Dictionary ~ Quick access to the built-in dictionary.
  • Email ~ Send/Receive email using your existing email addresses.
  • ES File Explorer ~ View and manage files and apps, and backup files to your SD card. You can also use for installing third party AndroidTM applications.
  • Facebook ~ Quick access to the Facebook website.
  • Firmware Update ~ Update the device firmware.
  • Gallery ~ View and manage photo files (JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, non-animated GIF). Play and manage MPEG4 video files.
  • HdmiSwitch ~ View videos on your TV screen instead of the device screen. Use this function to set the Hdmi resolution for the connection to your TV via Hdmi cable (not included).
  • InTouch ~ Quick connect and view your Facebook, Twitter, and RSS news feed data all in one easy place.
  • Music ~ Play and manage audio files (MP3, WAV and AAC).
  • Notes ~ Convenient and quick way to write yourself notes using the keypad or drawing with your finger.
  • OfficeSuite Viewer ~ Open and view files of the following formats: DOC, DOCX, TXT, XLS, XLSX, CSV, PPT, PPTX, PPS, PPSX and PDF
  • Search ~ Quickly perform a Google search.
  • Settings ~ Set many settings for personalizing and enhancing the device as desired.
  • U Player ~ View popular YouTube videos.
  • Video Player ~ Used for playing additional video formats not supported by the Gallery and ES File Explorer media players.
  • Weather ~ Check the weather forecasts for locations of your choice. Set up multiple locations for quick viewing.

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Added information...

Thanks to balrogbob for the SlateDroid Tablet DB entry here: Pandigital Planet

Huge props to balrogbob for the GApps and Android Market Access Here: GOOGLE APPS HERE

Thank you, balrogbob!!!! (aka "The King" of the PDPlanet)

Any SLD member interested in contributing to the Pandigital Planet Wiki, please contact Wiki Admin Mark Adams for access.

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Wi-Fi Network Setup
In order to connect to the Internet, you must have a Wi-Fi network set up on the device.
1. Tap the Settings icon. Tap Wireless & networks.
2. Make sure Wi-Fi is selected.
3. Tap Wi-Fi settings. The device scans for local Wi-Fi networks and lists all found. (If your Wi-Fi broadcast is set as hidden, it won't be found by the auto scan. Tap Add Wi-Fi Network enter the network name and password tap Save.)
4. Tap on the network to which you want to connect.
5. For secure networks, tap in the Password entry field to enter the network password tap Connect.
6. After a successful connection, "Connected" appears under the network name. Tap Next.
  • The Wi-Fi icon on the top of screens indicates the Wi-Fi is connected, otherwise no icon is displayed.
  • If you are connecting via a public Wi-Fi hotspot, it may be necessary to provide the hotspot login information prior to having an active internet connection. Tap on the Browser icon and enter the required hotspot login information when prompted.
'Forget' remembered Wi-Fi Network

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network, the device remembers the settings for future connections. If you have connected to networks that you no longer want "remembered", tap on the network Forget. If the network you "forget" is secure, future connections require you to enter the network password again.

Advanced Wi-Fi Settings

After saving the Wi-Fi network setup, you can change your network settings if desired by pressing Advanced.
Wi-Fi sleep policy: You can specify whether you want the device to disconnect from the Wi-Fi network:
A. When the device goes into sleep mode (default)*
B. Never when the device is plugged in, or
C. Never disconnect unless you turn the Wi-Fi off.
  • Option A. is the recommended mode for saving the most battery energy. The Wi-Fi automatically reconnects with the Wi-Fi network after the device is out of sleep mode.
Use static IP: When selected, follow the prompts to enter the desired IP address, Gateway, Netmask, DNS1 and DNS2.

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Adobe Digital Editions
eBooks and other digital content can be transferred to the device through the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) program. You can also use ADE to transfer books that you have downloaded from public Libraries using global distributors (such as If an Adobe eBook has an expiration date, it will also expire on the device. If an eBook is returned in ADE before it expires, the next time you connect the device to your computer, ADE updates the status of the returned eBook on the device, and you won't be able to read it.

Register and Download Software

1. Register a free Adobe account, from the Adobe website:
2. Go to to download Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software to your computer.
3. Follow the prompts to install the software.

Authorize the device with ADE

1. After registering and installing the ADE software, enter your Adobe account login information to activate your computer with the software.
2. The ADE program opens.
3. Connect the device to your computer using the USB cable.
4. ADE detects the device and displays the Device Setup Assistant.
5. Click Authorize Device click Finished.

After you authorize the device, it appears as a device in ADE titled PD_Universe.

Download eBooks into ADE

There are many resources for downloading free and purchased eBooks into ADE, including borrowed eBooks from public libraries. Adobe has a Sample eBook Library which is a good place to start downloading eBooks to see how ADE works: Click on the Download button on an eBook listing, and when prompted to Open or Save, click Open. The eBook automatically downloads and opens in the ADE program.

Transfer eBooks from ADE into the device

1. Drag and drop the eBooks from the ADE collection into the device (PD_Universe).
2. Disconnect the USB cable.
3. The My Library refreshes and the ADE transferred eBooks are displayed.
4. Tap on the eBook to open it.

Delete Adobe eBooks from the device

1. Launch the Adobe Digital Editions program on your computer.
2. Connect the device to your computer via USB cable.
3. Click on PD_Universe to display the eBooks in the Library window.
4. Cursor over the eBook you want to delete, click the upper left corner arrow to display the Item Options.
5. Click Delete Item from the drop down list.

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Firmware Update

Use the Firmware Update application to easily check for firmware updates, and update the firmware on the device if necessary.

Before you perform a firmware update, make sure the device is fully charged or connected to the AC adaptor.

You can download the firmware update file to the internal storage or to your SD card. The file is approximately 120MB, so be sure you have enough space before beginning the download.

1. Tap the FW Update application icon. (Depending on the status of the device, one of the following messages appears.) Complete the applicable action:

Message: No Wi-Fi Connection. No Wi-Fi detected. Please check connection.
Action: Tap Exit. Tap the Settings application icon Wireless & networks. Make sure Wi-Fi is on and connect to a local Wi-Fi network.

Message: Serial number auto-detect failed. Please enter the Serial Number of your device.
Action: Tap Cancel. Tap the Settings application icon About Device. Locate and make a note of the Serial number . Relaunch the FW Update application and enter the number in the space provided tap Next.

Message: Your current firmware is the most updated version.
Action: No action is necessary. Tap Exit.

Message: A new Firmware is available for your device. Tap Next button to download to your device.
Action: Tap Next to begin the download.

2. If you tapped Next to begin the download, the Download Update window displays the device information and a download progress bar as the firmware file is downloaded to the internal storage or your SD card.
3. Wait while the file is downloaded; this may take up to 1 hour to finish.
4. After a successful download, tap Next to begin the update process. The device automatically restarts, begins the firmware update process, and when complete the device restarts again.

5. If you tapped Exit in step 4, follow these steps to manually start the update process at any other time:
a.) Turn the device off.
b.) IF applicable, insert the SD card onto which you downloaded the firmware.
c.) Press the Volume + key and slide the power button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
d.) Release both keys to start the firmware update process.
e.) When complete the device automatically restarts.

Revert back to Previous Firmware Version

When you perform a firmware update, the update file is saved to the internal storage or your SD card. If you perform another firmware update, the existing update file will be moved into an \old firmware folder before the new update file is downloaded.

After performing the new firmware update, if desired at a later time, you can revert back to the previous version by following these steps:

1. Connect the device to your computer tap Turn on USB storage.
2. In a Windows Explorer or Mac Finders window, locate and delete the firmware update file in the root of the internal storage or SD card (i.e., PR70_[letters]_[most recent date].zip).
3. Move the previous firmware update file from the \old firmware folder to the root of the internal storage or SD card (i.e., PR70_[letters]_[older date].zip).
4. Turn the device off.
5. Press the Volume + key and slide the power button simultaneously for 3 seconds.
6. Release both keys to start the firmware update process.
7. When complete the device automatically restarts.

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Frequently Asked Questions From the PDPlanet User Guide. (UG-E_R70A200_v2.2_05-03-11.epub)

Q: Does the device support Adobe books?
A: Yes. You can transfer Adobe and other media to the device using the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software to transfer them to the device.

Q: Does the device support ADE eBooks which are DRM-protected?
A: Yes, as long as the eBook is in .epub or .pdf format.

Q: Does the device support eBooks borrowed from a public library using a global distributor such as
A: Yes. Download the books to your computer and then use the free Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) software to transfer them to the device.

Q: What AndroidTM OS version is on the device?
A: 2.2

Q: What Android applications are compatible with the device?
A: Applications which are compatible with Android OS 2.2. However, as of the writing of this document, many third party Android applications have been designed for smart phones, so even though they are compatible with OS 2.2, all functions may not be available on the device.

Q: How do I install Android applications on the device?
A: Use the included AppInstaller application. You can also download & install applications directly from websites.

Q: When trying to install AndroidTM applications, why do I get "Install blocked" message?
A: Be sure the "Unknown sources" option is turned on under Settings > Applications > Unknown sources.

Q: Is the Antivirus application a full feature version?
A: Yes, although it is a 35-day trial version so you need to purchase the Antivirus Pro version to keep your device protected against virus and spyware threats after your first 35 day usage.

Q: How often does the Antivirus check for updates?
A: Set the preferred frequency using Settings>Update frequency.

Q: Can I use the AppInstaller to install any AndroidTM application?
A: The AppInstaller may not recognize some apps. If this case, try using the ES File Explorer application to install the apps.

Barnes & Noble Application
Q: Do I need an account with Barnes & Noble to download from their site?
A: You need an account and free or purchased media in your Barnes & Noble online library before you can download to the device.

Q: How do I sign into my Barnes & Noble account on the device?
A: The first time you tap the B&N Bookstore or B&N Library tabs, you are prompted for your Barnes & Noble login information.

Q: Can I sign in with multiple Barnes & Noble accounts to download to my device?
A: Yes, however you can only be signed into one account at a time and only the media downloaded from the current account is displayed in My Library. If you sign out of an account, the downloaded media is removed from My Library.

Q: How do I purchase media from Barnes & Noble?
A: In the B&N Bookstore, scroll through the media listings and tap on the Buy Now button on the desired media.

Q: How do I download media to the device after I purchase them from Barnes & Noble?
A: After purchasing the media, you are prompted to download immediately or later. If you don't download immediately, at any later time you can go into the B&N Library and tap on the media's Download button.

Q: How do I add media to My Library?
A: You can download media during the Barnes & Noble purchase process, from the B&N Library, import media from your SD card, or copy media files from your computer. All media files must reside in the \ebooks folder in the device.

Q: Can I create personal bookshelves for organizing my media?
A: Yes. Refer to the "My Library>Bookshelves" section.

Q: How does the Lend/Return Books feature work?
A: You can lend or borrow Barnes & Noble "lendable" eBooks to/from other Barnes & Noble users. Barnes & Noble determines which books are "lendable"

Q: Can I loan or borrow books from other brands of eReaders, such as a Nook?
A: Yes.

Q: How long can I lend or keep a borrowed book?
A: 14 days, at which time they are automatically returned to the lender if they have not already been returned.

Q: Can I view media files in either vertical or horizontal orientation?
A: Yes, to automatically switch viewing orientation, simply turn the device while viewing.

Q: Does the Reader have a built-in Dictionary?
A: Yes. On a page, touch & hold on the word you want to look up tap .

Q: Can I read books stored on my SD card?
A: Yes. Be sure to save the book files in a \eBooks folder on your SD card, otherwise they won't be displayed in My Library.

Q: Do I have to charge the battery before use?
A: You should charge the battery for at least 4 hours, but you can use the device while it's charging. Use the included AC adapter to charge; this device does not charge via the USB cable.

Q: My unit seems to be frozen and is unresponsive. What do I do?
A: Reset the device by sliding and holding the power button for 6 seconds.

Q: I have attempted to perform a firmware update but it consistently fails.
A: If the device has a low battery charge, you may not be able to perform a successful update. Connect the device to the AC adapter and then try again.

Q: Why doesn't the device read my SD card?
A: If you format a SD card using a Macintosh computer, you must use the FAT32 option when formatting the card, otherwise the device will not read it.

Q: Why do I see references to "phone" in some of the setup screens and various pop-up messages?
A: This is a result of the Android OS framework and should be ignored as it does not affect the intended operation of the device.

Q: How do I contact Customer Support?
A: If this FAQ section doesn't answer your questions, you can contact Customer Support at 1-800-715-5354 or at our website

Q: Do I need a separate Wi-Fi adapter to connect to the Internet?
A: No. The Wi-Fi adapter is built-in to the device.

Q: Can I have multiple browser windows open at the same time?
A: Yes, up to 8 windows. See the Browser section for instructions.

Q: Can I change browser settings?
A: Yes. There are multiple settings you can set as desired, including privacy & security options. See the Browser section for instructions.

Q: Can I bookmark web pages?
A: Yes. Use the browser Bookmarks function.

Q: How do I switch between camera and video player?
A: Slide the button at the top of the screen from camera to video .

Q: Why do my photos and videos display upsidedown?
A: You may be holding the device in the incorrect position. Hold the device sideways with the navigation buttons on the left and camera on the right.

Q: How do I view photos taken with the camera?
A: Use the Gallery application.

Q: How do I view videos taken with the camera?
A: Use either the Gallery application or the Video Player application.

Q: Which media cards are compatible with my device?
A: Up to 32GB microSDTM (SDHC) card.

Q: Which Operating Systems are compatible with my device?
A: Microsoft Windows XP, WINDOWS VISTA, WINDOWS 7, MAC OS.

Q: How do I connect my device with my computer?
A: Use the USB cable included with the device, or any standard USB cable. Refer to the "Connect to Computer" section.

Q: Can I use any of my personal email addresses to send/receive email?
A: The device supports POP3, SMTP, IMAP and EXCHANGE accounts. Some free email accounts are not supported on mobile devices. Check with your email provider to see if your account is supported.

Q: Can I use the ES File Explorer application to install third party Android applications that I've downloaded to my computer?
A: Yes, in fact it's one of the easiest methods to use.

Q: Can I use ES File Explorer to import files from my SD card?
A: Yes. Refer to the Import section.

Q: Can I set application and function preferences?
A: Yes. While in an ES File Explorer screen, press to display the function options.

Q: How do I know if I need to update the device firmware?
A: To check for possible firmware updates, tap the FW Update application icon. A message appears advising you whether or not there is an update available for your device.

Q: If I update my device, what if I want to revert back to the previous version?
A: You can revert back if you want. Follow the "Revert back to Previous Firmware Version" instructions under the "Firmware Update" section.

Q: What type of photo files can I view on my device?
A: JPG, JPEG, BMP, PNG, non-animated GIF

Q: How do I add photo files to my device?
A: You can copy photo files from your computer or from a SD card using ES File Explorer.

Q: What type of video files can I play on my device?
A: MPEG4 and YouTube videos.

Q: How do I add video files to my device?
A: You can copy video files from your computer or from a SD card using ES File Explorer.

Q: Can I display all applications on my TV when connected via Hdmi cable?
A: Although you can display other applications, the Hdmi output is only intended for displaying videos.

Q: Where can I purchase a HDMI cable?
A: You can purchase a Hdmi cable locally where electronics are sold.

Q: How can I change the RSS News feed that is displayed?
A: a) On the InTouch screen, press tap Select News.
b.) Tap on the desired source for your news feed.
c) Tap Done.

Q: How do I log into my Facebook and Twitter accounts to display in InTouch?

A: a) Press tap Login for the desired account.
b.) Tap in the entry fields and enter your login information.
c) Repeat for all desired accounts.

Q: What type of audio files can I play on my device?
A: MP3, WAV and AAC

Q: How do I add audio files to my device?
A: You can copy audio files from your computer or from a SD card using the ES File Explorer application.

Q: Can I create a separate list of my favorite songs?
A: Yes. Use the Playlist feature.

Q: Can I email notes to others?
A: Yes, following these steps:
a. With note displayed, press tap Share.
b. Tap in the entry fields to enter the email information.
c. Tap Send.

OfficeSuite VIEWER
Q: What types of files are supported by OfficeSuite?

Q: Can I edit the supported file types?
A: The free application included with your device cannot. However, you can quickly and easily upgrade to OfficeSuite Pro which does allow you to edit the supported file types.

Q: Can I view files stored in the device and on my SD card?
A: Yes. When you launch the application you are prompted for the desired storage device.

Q: Can I set separate display preferences for the separate programs?
A: Yes. When you tap a file to open it, the applicable program launches; press to display the options menu.

SAM (SlideME)
Q: Do I need a SlideME account to download applications?
A: You can download FREE applications without an account. However, you must have an account to purchase applications.

Q: What kind of applications are available from the SlideME market?
A: There are thousands of applications categorized by type (i.e., Fun & Games, Entertainment, Educational, etc.). And new applications are added to the market daily.

Q: Does every application listed in the market work on my device?
A: All may not, even though the compatibility seems to match. Some applications have been created for phones and require buttons that your device does not have.

Q: How do I find the instructions/rules for running an application I've downloaded to my device?
A: Most applications have a built-in Help file to instruct and answer your questions.

U Player
Q: Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi to view the YouTube videos?
A: Yes, connect to Wi-Fi and then use the U Player application to view YouTube videos.

Q: When should I use the Video Player as opposed to the Gallery media player?
A: The Gallery media player supports only MPEG4 formats. The Video Player supports the following: Codecs: MPEG4, H.264, H.263, WMV, DivX HD/XviD, VC-1. File formats: 3GP, AVI, FLC, 3GPP, MOV, MP4, 3G2.

Q: Can I view YouTube videos using the Video Player?
A: You should use the U Player application to view YouTube videos.

Q: What locations can I view the weather forecast?
A: The initial city displayed is the one you assigned during the initial device setup. You can set up any other city locations by pressing the Add button.
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