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Panda home on novel unable to change wallpaper.

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Went to change the wallpaper on panda home with the novel, says there is no program associated to change the wallpaper.Any thoughts?
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How do you change the wallpaper in Panda home?
Well, thanks for your "attempt" to help. Anyone else have the name of an app? Searching for "wallpaper changer" doesn't find anything.
Looks like you need to create a different theme: (click on "Guide" tab)Then select the wallpaper from that theme: Don't have my device in front of me....
just hold your finger on an empty part of the desktop for a sec and then select wallpaper, or you can select home assistant and pick a theme, even download new ones.side note: i cant get wallpapers to go full screen unless i use interactive wallpaper, even an 800x600 pic on my PDN's 800x600 screen has a 1" black border around the wallpaper unless i pick a theme with a fancy wallpaper built in, maybe someone knows how to fix this?
meizme..This only works if you have installed Google Experience, I believe..
Here's what I did ... use the download link and download another theme. I chose the "Simple Theme". Exit the application. Move a picture file to the sdcardPandaHomePictures directory. (I used Android File Manager loaded onto the Novel ... or you can be hooked to your PC). Open Panda Home Assistant, select the downloaded theme as the new theme and then edit it. Slide the pictures to the left until the picture you want is in both boxes. Hit the confirm button and select "desktop" wallpaper. Use the hacked volume key to backup all the way to your home screen. The new wallpaper selection should apply in just a couple of seconds. Hope this helps!
I installed the Launcher.apk (~6Meg) as an alternative home screen to Pandahome. It appears to have some wallpapers (5Meg) When I changed the wallpaper in the (launcher) Home. The new wall paper was used in Pandahome as well. Today I will be looking for some kind of wallpaper changer apk.
I dl'd Medieval Wallpapers which lets you choose a ton of WPsSent from my slatedroid-pdn using Tapatalk
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